You may be giving the fear of rejection in sales, too much power. Many people don’t like rejection, I like it, I like it a lot!

I use the word many because after making over 100 calls a day and running a social enterprise I am used to rejection, almost immune.

Rejection in sales to me is a good thing, at the end of this article, maybe you will see my point of view, perhaps you will agree (if not tell me why I like a big ol’ debate).

Here is where I stand when it comes to sales…

We have become so insular as business people that we use inbound marketing as an excuse to not to talk to people. We are using the inbound methodology too much and are not being proactive enough when it comes to sales. I am not saying you have to go door to door like a traditional cash generating charitable strategy. I am not advocating going around asking for money from people to support your cause…

>>>>>But I am saying you have to at least ask for the sale <<<<<

I asked over 40 Instagram users recently if they were getting sales from social media and below are a few of their responses:

“I didn’t join Instagram for sales I just need people to see I have a presence”

“I haven’t seen sales, but my business coach said you don’t make money from social media”

“I have been on here for 3 months and haven’t made one sale”

What did I notice from all these accounts, they were posting content, but never asking, not even a clear call to action so they could nurture the relationship. They were just raising “awareness”.

No movement along the decision-making journey.

No way for potential customers to easy choose them as the next logical step.

No way for people to remember them so that they are at the top of their minds.

This is where reflection comes in…

Reflection helps you to see the deception of what you’re feeling and makes it clearer to see what is actually happening.rejection in sales

Those same people that fear rejection will avoid it at all cost, which is mucho bad. They won’t ask for the sale because they don’t want to fail

I get it, fear of rejection is a protection mechanism, there to stop you from getting hurt. But this fear also stops people from taking risks and reaping the returns that those risks give them.

I have sales coached mission-driven entrepreneurs and e-commerce business owners. And some of the habits that these entrepreneurs have to acquire to stay on top of their game, is the habit of reframing. It sounds like an obvious sales habit to acquire, but many haven’t acquired it and give the word no too much power!


So how do you really reframe rejection in sales?

Think of rejection as a payoff, the more you get rejected the less your mission is neglected.

A wise lady once said to me, you’re not asking for yourself…you’re asking for the people that haven’t got a voice.

“I always feel like rejection is my petrol. That’s what keeps me going.” – Laura Kightlinger

rejection in sales
Your self-worth should not be determined on whether somebody has said yes to you or have said no to you. What you feel about yourself should not be multiplied or divided by what someone says or doesn’t say about you.

A no is a decision, a yes is a decision.

Can I think about it…

Can I come back to you…

I need to speak to my partner…

Basically being indecisive is not making a decision.

When someone is firm in his or her decision of saying no, it is not rejection. It is a sign of respect.

? Respect of your time

? Respect of their time

? Respect of everyone’s time


So let’s conclude… using the 3 R’S Rejection = Reflection + Reframing


Rejection – They are not rejecting you, they are respecting you.
Reflect – You can learn lessons from stopping and understanding what drove the no so you can fine-tune your message
Reframe – Focus on the energy you need to feel and share with others in order to go beyond the feeling of rejection, so you can show up as my best self

So the next time you get rejection in sales, whether that is through a face to face meeting or you get little or no conversion on your inbound marketing efforts…Thank them, because they have just done you a favour. There are too many big yes’s out there so there is no need to dwell on those little no’s, for every no brings you closer to a yes! Remember to use your 3 R’s when it comes to overcoming the rejection in sales and you will be just fine?

Ruth-Ellen – Your Get More Sales Coach

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