What is killing your NEUROdivergent success?

This quiz will identify how your neurodiverse (ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic and Autistic) profile is helping you or hindering you so that you can work from your strengths and get support with the rest and finally be a high performer!

Cultivating A High Performing Neuro-Inclusive Team Has Never Been More Important...

You've read a whole lot of information about Neurodiversity however you still have challenges with ...


When you know better, you do better is a myth! Most training is about information dumping that leaves people overwhelmed with little to no behaviour change/measurement.  


Some of the most talented and creative people you know are neurodivergent —but what separates them from their peers is that they need an environment that supports their neurodiverse needs. Ruth Ellen's interpersonal & process tools offers ways to empower neurodiverse employees as well as engage them in your work culture, and create a happy workforce that will go above and beyond for you.

Ruth-Ellen Danquah ADHD & Executive Function Coach

Neuro-inclusive workplaces are embedded into the all elements of the talent pipeline including: recruitment, onboarding, feedback, training, and delivery 


 In order to perform at a high level It’s important for companies to have employees who are able to work well with one another. The ability to be a good listener, collaborate on projects, or simply communicate firmly yet kindly is valued highly in the workplace because it means your employees are not only willing but able to contribute positively towards other team members and other co-workers.


Neurodiverse employees offer unique perspectives that can turn your company into a market leader by using their strengths to solve problems others can’t see.

"Being neuro-inclusive is not a  one off training event, it's a conscious behaviour change that is company wide"

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Which one best describes you?

"I want to increase my team's mental fitness, they are not as engaged as they need to be..."

"I want to stop worrying myself sick "masking" and losing sleep over rejection or the perception of rejection..."

"I want you to train my team on how to be more inclusive to our  neurodiverse colleagues..."

Hi again, I'm Ruth-Ellen, industry leading ADHD, neurodiversity & executive function trainer & trainer. I was identified with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism & ADHD in my 30's and currently train companies on how to be neuro-inclusive while also mentoring neurodivergent employees on how to leverage their incredible strengths.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Me

Michael D

Artistic Entrepreneur with ADHD

"My overwhelm left me burnt out, stressed and I had no energy to let alone motivation to expand my business. I left my first session with a plan of action that was easy which  left me reiginited, it's the most productive meeting I've had in 2 years"

Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman Projects

"I have worked with Ruth-Ellen as a volunteer since 2012. When we first met I was impressed by the way she gathered 80 people for first the dyslexic success event at Google Campus. Since then we have run around 50 events together for a peer to peer network which targets neurodivergent people developing their careers"

Gill Cooke

Head of Digital Planning 3G

"Ruth-Ellen is an inspiration – kind and generous with her time and advice. #STEMConnext loved having Ruth-Ellen as part of her diverse panel for the event “What is your Superpower?” all about the power of Neurodiversity in 2019 and again this year, Ruth-Ellen has again paid it forward by coaching on anxiety around career choices and interviews at a recent networking event for Project Managers and Programme Managers looking for work. Ruth-Ellen talked to a number of individuals, really helping them work through their anxiety and giving them some tools and tips to work through. Thank you so much Ruth-Ellen for being such a giver. I love working with you

Lisa S

Consultant with ADHD

"Ruth – Ellen has a technique which is unique to other coaching programs that are on the market which makes her number one in her sector, she has a hands-on approach and offers full support throughout her sessions using different techniques to help her clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Ruth -Ellen."

Leah Leaves

 Entrepreneur with ADHD

Ruth-Ellen is so passionate about supporting women to be more confident in themselves and what they have to offer, and stand tall at work. She has a natural desire to understand the mind and find the tools to work in a way that works for each individual person she works with. The world needs people like you Ruth, thank you"

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