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Sales Belief, Are Your Beliefs Stopping You?

I wasn’t selling because my sales beliefs kept my vision blurry.

What are sales beliefs?

In a nutshell sales beliefs are the beliefs you have around selling.

These beliefs are your truths.

How you see the world.

My lack of sales belief, or belief that I can sell my value was the only reason as to why I didn’t sell daily.

My own sales beliefs had a huge positive impact on my sales performance in one area.

But equally had a very negative impact in another.

? I did not believe that my sales funnels worked or making sales online was easy
? I definitely did not believe in myself
? I did not believe that people listened to me
I was not selling because I really didn’t believe in what I was selling?
Everyone loved that I had a mission and I stood for something great, I would add value to people’s businesses and lives, but I would never ask for the sale.
I was not selling intentionally. I was relying on referrals because I didn’t believe in what I was selling! I thought the work I was doing should be for free, after all I know this stuff, it comes easy to me, why should I charge? 

How my own sales beliefs stopped me in my social good business

When I started Dyslexic Success I had a vision of a peer to peer network of people with dyslexia that would help each other be successful.
My vision was to inspire equip those with neurodiversity’s (AKA learning disabilities).
Because I believe no man woman or child should be born into poverty or social exclusion because of their neurodiversity. 
Initially, I was super excited.
I managed to gather over 80 highly intelligent minds which grew to 500 people in less than a year.
I couldn’t wait to promote the next event to help people to get people upskilled in public speaking, sales, marketing & web design.
My vision was for them to learn skills and then sell their skills.
Having a clear pathway for success would help my own son with autism know what is possible.
I had to battle against partners and customers that wouldn’t pay for the work, I had done on time or pay at all.  
Unsurprisingly along the way, my vision got blurred. Coupled with my insecurities of inadequacies as a newly diagnosed dyslexic, I entered overwhelm.
My doubts made me let others dictate the narrative and turn my vision into something else.
It wasn’t my vision.
I no longer believed in what I set out to do.
My vision had gotten blurred, I needed specs (aka a new presepctive) to see what was going on.

What Changed In Order To Shift My Sales Beliefs?

Acceptance & forgiveness: I accepted full responsibility for my sales beliefs which included entertaining people that were not on the same page as my vision. Lesson learnt: only when you process what happened and accept & forgive yourself for the part you played can you move on
Visions were daily: I went back to my original vision to solidify my positive sales beliefs. Lesson learnt: as Jobs said you can only connect the dots looking back, not looking forward. My strategy changed but my vision remained the same. I reminded myself about my vision every single day, a vision isn’t a set it and forget it activity. 
Intentions were my new best friend: I was intentional daily when it came to delivering that vision. Lesson learnt: setting intentions is a must to keep focused.
I became unapologetic: The difference this time was that I was not asking for permission. Lesson learnt: I started talking from a place of authority, power not lack & meekness.

What Can You Do To Change Your Sales Belief Mindset?

Step 1: Ask questions of yourself…

? Is it time to focus on people that deserve your attention?

? What are you allowing to happen day to day (no one can make you think things, you have to allow them)?

?  What do you need to do daily so your vision is never blurred?


Step 2: Speak over your life with intention.
Here is my I AM sales belief statement.
I AM here to help you to Get More Sales, selling your value, the transformation you bring is what I believe is going to help impact the world.
What is your new sales belief?
I didn’t sell £120 million pounds worth of new business when I was selling to corporates just by luck, it was because I believed! So if you believe in what you are selling. If you believe in your vision, you will sell without thinking you’re being salesy! FYI salesy is not even a word.
So make sure that you are selling your vision, not someone else’s version of it.
It’s your constant vision and the sales belief that comes with it that will totally change your sales game and the world!
Ruth-Ellen Henry – Your Get More Sales Coach
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