Lot’s of companies unwittingly help their sales and marketing team to work as separate entities rather than as a team.

In the many companies, that I have had the pleasure of working with, there are often time us vs them type of scenarios going on.

Marketing thinks sales people are lazy, sales teams think that marketing is clueless. Sales teams think marketing are ineffective, marketing things sales are stupid!

In my Selling with Confidence programme, I work with businesses to overcome this,  so they see exponential growth, because this problem of them vs us is very common.

If you work as a sole trader then this may be more of an internal struggle, a struggle you perhaps don’t even know that is going on. Never the less the struggle is real and is leading to the same result as the companies with teams if they don’t fix their gaps. This same result is low sales…

There is no point implementing a marketing plan that doesn’t lead to SALES. You can’t make SALES without marketing because without marketing you’re invisible. You’ve heard it all before, I hear you. But all this MARKETING you are doing is supposed to do one thing.  MARKETING is supposed to start an ideal SALES conversation. Marketing helps your ideal customer to know, like & trust you,  if you are doing it right!


Now I have outlined the what you are doing, I want to tell you the how to adjust it for sales success:


  • Make an agreement between your sales and marketing. I created a tool that helps me figure out how many leads I need each month in order to hit my target etc, if you don’t know your numbers you are going in blind!


  • Make sure they are creating marketing content that leads to your sales cycle so it is the obvious next logical step for your ideal client to get in contact with your sales team.


  • Use an integrated system customer relationship management tool that helps you manage your sales and marketing seamlessly so you are never missing out on opportunities


If you want to open the dialogue for generating more sales than grab ‘Mapping Content Ideas To Your Sales Cycle’ by filling in the form below for instant access



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Ruth-Ellen – Your Get More Sales Coach

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