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    How To Set Yourself Up For Sales Success


    There are three things I am going to outline below so you set yourself up for sales success…

    1.  Have a plan to pinpoint HOW you will achieve Sales Success

    I know it sounds basic. But basic works. When I was tasked to bring in £12m a quarter I wasn’t told how to do it verbatim, that’s why they recruited me. They trusted that if they gave me to tools I would be able to do the job. I was given a phone, a CRM and more or less had to figure out the rest. Did I hit £12m no, my first-month heck no…but once I figured it out I hit £15m, sometimes more.

    sales sucess with funnels




    Because I had a plan

    And I stuck to it

    There are lots of people that will try and distract you with shiny balls to take you away from your plan (mainly because they want you to consume their content). But I am telling you, find someone (it doesn’t have to be me, even though I am awesome lol) and get them to help you with a plan you stick to.

    2. Use social selling organic or paid to form part of your WHO in your sales success

    Facebook sales post example – 

    A recent look at 682 Facebook posts found that posts containing advice or teaching something
    new were shared 522% more than posts that weren’t advice related. Whether it’s a recipe, a statistic, a fun fact or a brilliant insight, offering something new is a great strategy to increase involvement among Fans and also increase your standing within Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm (which increases how often your Fans see your posts on their newsfeeds!)


    Create offers that are applicable to where your target audience is in their buying decision. Here is an example of offers that we have on Confident School:

    20/20 sales appointments – Helps people to increase the number of sales appointments in your diary so you get on the phone with people.



    The Confident Speaker – Helps people to gain the basics they need to use FB live confidently and stand out from the sea of people who Live Stream

    Both of these offers very different results for my ideal clients and address very different problems. If you keep talking to your ideal client like they don’t recognise they have a problem (awareness stage) then they will start speaking to someone who is talking to them about solving their problem (decision stage).

    I created 28 different content ideas that align with your sales cycle. These 28 ideas will help your ideal client in making the decision that you are the next logical step in their buyer’s journey …just pop your email address in the box below

    [thrive_leads id=’1667′]

    There is nothing worse than doing activities that waste your time. You have an empire to build and goals that involve more than this business. So you want to be as productive as possible.


    A post shared by Sales Coach (@confidentschool) on

    BS stands for other people’s business services! We don’t have to listen to anybody’s business pitch if we don’t want to! We have a choice to say no thank you, to click the x in that advert or skip ahead. So how do we become people who people WANT to listen to?

    1. Listen – Many people listen with an intent to respond rather than really hear what is being said. Listen to what your target audience want via social listening then ask relevant questions!

    2. Ask questions that help you clarify any assumptions that you may have about your target audience. Ask your target audience in any which way you can ie polls, surveys, emails, twitter, Facebook etc.

    3. Offer value that helps people to solve a problem that stops them from progressing

    4. Offer a solution based on that conversation to the exact audience you have asked.

    5. Follow up with people via tools like email marketing as 4.24% buy from email and only 0.59% from social media.


    3. Use Analytics to determine WHAT you should be focusing on for sales success

    This will help you to concentrate on sales activities that make an impact

    Here are my stats for periscope after trying for a week. Based on these stats I know what topics my audience are interested in more. What time they can join me live and which ones they are struggling with. On one particular Periscope, I got actual questions that were appropriate to the topic at hand. With more testing and monitoring I am confident I can grow this channel and will spend my time proportionately based on the return it gives me.



    So there you go plan, sell and measure to make sure you set yourself up for sales success. Live Your Bliss my signature system to helping you go from where you are to living a life with ease.  Schedule an appointment to see if this system is for you, click here to find out more Selling With Confidence


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