I want you to imagine that you were minding your business
Sitting down and chilling
And then someone grabs your belly


Squeezes your belly
And then say’s
You have a lot of weight to lose in the gym
Then that same person laughs

This was my initial though when it happened to me…

What would you do?

Would it be acceptable to you?

Here is the thing

Many people I know wouldn’t say a thing

I was one of those people

Because I had a tendancy to process things/ events after not in the present

I have learnt to react not respond

I mean I grew up in an area where looking at someone the wrong way would get you in serious trouble

So this was the message I got on my phone after “the incident”



No this wasn’t a made up scenario

Yes, he actually went there: My mum is fat and obese and I love her * (yes I corrected his spelling, no shade, English wasn’t his first language)

So what is my point of sharing this story…

You have a choice to react to the BS of other

You have a choice to take on other people’s energy

You have a choice to take on other people’s thoughts as your own thoughts

The moment, you DECIDE that you don’t have a choice is a moment you give away your power!

If you want to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY confident then it is time to set your boundaries, learn to love all parts of yourself (yes all parts, no more abandoning yourself) and step into the Limitless woman you was meant to be.

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