I used to wait until the perfect time to execute.

Doing something when my message, my product or my plan wasn’t ready used to make me cringe.
The very thought of being that person who falls flat on their face and fails is far away from the person I wanted to be in my business.

So I didn’t bother to connect with others, because I thought I wasn’t enough

Because I figured that if they saw how imperfect I was, they wouldn’t choose me.

>>>My mindset thought that my services wasn’t enough

So I would go to networking events and wait for people to choose me.
When I finally got someone booked in for a consultation because they did chose me (YAY), it didn’t go to plan (BOO).

Because something didn’t quite click to push them over that line to spend money on my services.

So then I would start again….

Then I would spend my time on Instagram, following people, waiting for someone to like my post, comment or follow me in the hope I there next logical step was to throw money at me.

I would then go on another free webinar and learn another strategy. Spend money on the latest tool to level up my business. But it none of it worked, my time was running out (the 9-5 was calling me).

Then something changed, I started to address the real need, my potential clients had a bigger issue, a far bigger, burning issue that they needed to resolve.

> They NEEDED to earn more money than they spent this month. Because they wanted to get out of the neighbourhood that frankly they didn’t choose and would never choose.
> They NEEDED to be able to spend time with their kids and switch off from work,they wanted to claim back their time
> They NEEDED to make $5k in their business this month, and every month, because they worked their arses off and that is the minimum they should be getting.
> or whatever it is that is they NEEDED, they needed it yesterday!

I stopped and realised, I am an expert. I didn’t spend years in business to generate millions in new business for that to no longer count. I didn’t learn about website conversion techniques for that to not count.
Quit being the entrepreneur with all the knowledge but fears rejection so plays it safe.

Quit playing small when you know and I know you are big.

Start selling you. Your service & expertise. Go and find clients by concentrating on tasks that get you your ideal client! Use your kick-ass experience to serve your clients, now, not tomorrow, right now!!!


> Gain clarity so you feel more confident to put yourself and your business out there so you get the sales you need!
It’s time to THRIVE not SURVIVE

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