The Overcoming Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Blueprint™

The Overcoming Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) Blueprint™ is your step by step 90 day blueprint to help diffuse emotional explosions so you can master your emotions. 


In this program, I will personally guide you through a step-by-step process that equips you to overcome RSD, even if you've struggled with it in the past. You'll gain practical strategies and tools that will enable you to navigate rejection with resilience and confidence.
As a participant in The Overcoming RSD Blueprint™, you'll have exclusive access to weekly live coaching calls with me. These sessions are an invaluable opportunity to get personalised guidance, have your burning  questions answered, and dive deep into the proven strategies that are currently driving real results.
Accountability is the cornerstone of success, and I'm excited to introduce you to your personal accountability Whatsapp channel. This exclusive channel will connect you directly to me, providing ongoing support, reminders, and a direct line for guidance, clarification, or a motivational boost. I'll be there to cheer you on, offer timely feedback, and keep you on track towards achieving your goals. This dedicated communication channel is designed to keep you motivated, focused, and accountable. Whenever you encounter challenges or need a gentle push, reach out through Whatsapp, and I'll provide the support and encouragement you need to overcome obstacles and stay on the path to success.
And that's not all. In addition to the comprehensive program, you'll receive four exclusive bonuses, each carefully designed to give your progress a powerful boost. Based on your unique needs, we'll identify the bonus that resonates most with you, allowing us to devote focused attention to that specific area.

If you have any questions or need further information about The Overcoming Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) Blueprint™, simply send me a direct message on Instagram (@theruthellen) with the keyword "BLUEPRINT." I'm here to provide you with all the support you need on your journey to overcoming RSD and creating a life filled with resilience, confidence, and fulfillment.

Join me in The Overcoming Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) Blueprint™ and unlock your true potential. Together, we'll rewrite your story and pave the way for lasting transformation.

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Energy Shift

Recently I have been heavy-weighted with debilitating emotions that left me feeling stuck and frazzled. Ruth Ellen comes along with her light and insight and by the end of our session, I began to experience a noticeable shift in energy that I had been plagued with for some time. I could notice the difference in my temperament.

She has a gifted way of tapping into those areas that are hidden and need deciphering with an interpretation that us ordinary folk lack. Her methods are thorough and unique where she seems to quite accurately recount segments in your life that need plugging into. My time with Ruth-Ellen was an excellent start to my day and I am forever grateful


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I’m wrapping up for the week, and wanted to share with you that this is the first week in a long time, where I have actually achieved everything I was aiming to complete.

Far from the usual frantic rush to share the last bits of work with my manager before logging off for a weekend of worrying about the next week. I am calmly writing my list for the next week, thinking about what my key tasks will be, and looking forward to the things I will be able to achieve.

Thank you for the sessions, they are making a huge difference in how confident I feel about my achievements at work. I am enjoying feeling more in control of my workflow, it’s a real positive improvement!

adhd OPTIMISATION specialist 

I originally chose Ruth Ellen  Because I loved her energy and i knew her from a previous course prior to this.  and she  ignited with me as a professional as had diverse life experiences challenges which I had experienced I also found her very personable helpful, honest and extremely effective. 
The last couple of years I’ve been challenged in all directions, and so  could not recommend Ruth EllenEnough to new customers or existing.  The magic morning routine  has put me back into alignment and her DREAMS technique is easy to understand but very effective,  be prepared to work hard but you will start to get in touch with yourself which is also the foundation and aim in life to be successful. Ruth Ellen will Hand by hand  help you along this process and the support that you receive is imperative ,  she is outstanding in what she does all I can say is thank you Ruth Ellen, For your genuine love help and commitment to helping and changing the thoughts so progress in a positive level. 


Ruth-Ellen is so passionate about supporting women to be more confident in themselves and what they have to offer, and stand tall at work. She has a natural desire to understand the mind and find the tools to work in a way that works for each individual person she works with. The world needs people like you Ruth, thank you

adhd hypnotherapist 

I  got what I needed to focus on to keep being visible in my biz and stop being overwhelmed.


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