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Honestly, when I have had to think of what a powerful woman looked like for me for as long as I can remember I have always depicted the women kicking butt and fighting the bad guy.

But that must get tiring don’t you think?

Always fighting?

I mean Wonder Woman has an alter ego for reason, right?

Because even she knows she needs rest

She can’t keep on fighting

We can’t keep on fighting

You can’t keep on fighting

The moment I chose to invite my best self to the dinner party

The woman who didn’t fight but was in control of what she can control and didn’t worry about the rest

The woman who knew how to conversate with ease (and is not awkward no matter how many times her mind said she was)

The woman who believed in her values and wasn’t intimidated by people that seemed to have it all

The woman who instead was curious to learn about others and was done with the comparison

That woman did not fight or compete

That woman chose to just be

Why does everything have to be a fight anyway?

Truth be told

I haven’t been in fisticuffs since Primary school and back then I was referred to as Ryu from Street Fighter

So being a powerful woman to me

Isn’t about balancing plates

It isn’t a slim, six-pack model type woman that looks like a Victoria Secrets Model

Nor is it a woman who covers up murders for a living (yes I low key love the series How To Get Away With Murder)

It is the real woman

Not a woman depicted on a cinema screen

But a woman I see walking on the streets

A woman who sometimes has bad days but also good days and appreciates both knowing there is no victory nor failure in either just lessons

A woman who does the downward-facing dog in Yoga and gets tired

A woman who runs 6km and doesn’t know if she feels compelled to do it again because frankly that Box vs Bass class was far more entertaining

A woman who gets nervous from time to time about the future and has to take walks in nature to ground herself so she feels connected to nature

A woman who has a picture of herself as a toddler in the mirror and tells that toddler

I love you to remind herself that she is loved

This woman is me

I like the idea of this woman


This woman is vulnerable

This woman is relatable

And this woman hasn’t got all her shit together

And that is what I love about her

Because it’s the messy shit that keeps this woman grounded in the truth that we are all human

Being this woman, accepting who I am and not what I think I should be has brought me so much freedom

Don’t you want that freedom?

Well it starts with your energy

Because you can be doing all the things

But if your energy is not focused on being purposeful, love-driven instead of fear-driven you end up taking action from a low energetic, fearful and desperate place

I don’t want that for you…

Let me help you

You are powerful you just have to stop trying to fight and learn how to shift, I show you how, book a call here



Ruth-Ellen x

In order for you to channel your energy so you avoid being triggered, you need to make YOU a priority. If you’re ready to go on an adventure to be more you without being drained then I would highly recommend you jump on a call.  It’s not about managing your energy, it’s about mastering your energy so you can be, do and have more!

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