FINALLY! A Journal That Actually Breaks Down All The Steps You Need To Heal From ADHD Rejection Sensitivity 

The Rejection Sensitivity Journal for ADHD delivers effective exercises & frameworks to improve your resilience when it comes to the compound effect of rejection.

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Rejection Sensitivity Journal For ADHD

This Rejection Sensitivity Journal For ADHD
Covers Easy To Follow Steps

For people with ADHD or ADD, Rejection Sensitivity can mean extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain — and it may imitate mood disorders with suicidal ideation and manifest as instantaneous rage at the person responsible for causing the pain. 

Here's What's Inside...

RS - A Quick Guide 

Sometimes you just want a crib sheet which get's to the point this quick guide will give you the details that you need to get started!

12 Journal Prompts

Layed out in a bingo type format this will help you to  discover where you have been suppressing your emotions.

Pinpointing Your Rejection Sensitivity Journey

An easy way for you to pinpoint where rejection is present in your every day through visuals.

The 5 Day Self Validation Challenge

Often we seek validation externally because we were never taught to trust ourself, this validation challenge will help you to build your trust jar for self-validation. 

5 Step Framework To Process Rejection

5 Step framework to process feedback even when the feedback feels painful to hear.

A Rejection Resilience Checklist

A rejection resilience checklist so you are crystal clear on what you need to bounce back from rejection

4 Weeks Of Resilient Fueled Exercises

4 weeks of resilience-fueled exercises backed by science for you to reflect on behaviour change in a powerful way.

Bonuses to help you heal 

Additional resources to help you on your rejection resilience journey including a quiz, a meditation, and deepening hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious and integrate this work.

We've Helped So Many People Who Have ADHD

Below are a couple of testimonials from some of my clients

Ruth is very easy to chat to and understood my points and broke it down into a visual plan with action points.

Visual artist with ADHD 

The coaching session with Ruth-Ellen was really usefull, interpersonal & funny

Actress with ADHD 

Rejection Sensitivity Journal For ADHD

Become More Resilient To Rejection Sensitivity And Finally Regulate Your Emotions Today!

It's time to process rejection in a way that helps you and no longer hinders you, grab the journal to start the process!

Ruth-Ellen Danquah - Your ADHD Coach

Made from a person with ADHD for a person with ADHD this journal will give you tools to reduce your daily stressors and help you process rejection in a more helpful way. This is the journey I have taken and ones I take my ADHD clients with on. 

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