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There Is A Reason You’re Not Enjoying Life, Let’s Fix That

energy mastery

I remember when I went to watch Fiddler on the Roof at the Theatre

If you’ve ever watched the film

You would know that it has a really famous song

A song that Gwen Stefani remixed into Rich Girl

Yes the song Rich man

I used to sing this song to my kids to lighten the mood

It would work wonders, not because of the words but because of the energy behind it

So I sat in anticipation waiting to hear this song at the Theatre

But something wasn’t quite right when the character Tevye sang

It wasn’t delivered with the same enthusiasm

Or at least that was my perception

As a high achiever because I work so hard on making things almost “perfect” I put others on the same pedestal

Can you imagine the pressure I put myself and others under

That is why over the years I have learnt to be more aware

Aware that my work ethic isn’t like everyone else’s

Aware that my perceptions are just that, my perception

Because changing behaviour starts with awareness

There were many factors as to why I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I could of including:

comparing it with the production Dream Girls, I am sorry but nothing can top that (again that’s my perception).

The very fact I woke up at 4 am that day so kept on falling asleep when the cast was performing #sorry

I was recovering from some dynamic Yoga 2 days before

And then I had some mental shizzle the day before

My physical


And even spiritual energy all played a factor in being present

Have you ever had an experience which you should have enjoyed but your energy was off?

It happens to everyone

It becomes an issue when your circumstances stops you from being present

That is why I do this work

Because going to a musical or anything else you want to do should be met with enthusiasm

Life should be met with enthusiasm

But sometimes we get busy and operate from our lower self

Our lower self isn’t our true self

Our lower self is tired, irritable, detached from people

Our lower self focuses on all the things we haven’t processed


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Don’t let this ☝️be your normal 😐

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As opposed to when you start to step into your version highest version of yourself you step into your version of effectiveness, efficiency & enthusiasm (E3) & this is what happens…

✊ Your E3 self…

Doesn’t get stressed, anxious or enraged by circumstances out of your control, you are actually so aware that the energy has shifted that you shift right back to the vibrational set point that allows you to maintain your energy with ease

✊Your E3 self…

Doesn’t make decisions based on push, push, push which you regret later but instead your decisions are made from a place of ease and you make right decisions for you EVERYTIME! #wisdomthroughfaith

Your E3 self …

✊ Doesn’t need to do all the things, because your highest self trusts yourself so much that those doubt bunnies poof away because you are more than aware just how much of a powerful creator you are and where to focus your attention!

✊Your E3 self…

Takes a day or a week (or a MONTH) off just because it feels like it because you have a system in place that does not require you to keep trading dollars for hours.

So how do you step into that E3 version?

It starts with letting go

Letting go of who you think you should be

Letting go of where you think you should be

Letting of when you think you should have it

Knowing that disappointment comes from your expectations and reality not matching up

Knowing you are in the world but you are not of the world and stuff happens but worrying in praying more of the same please #dontdothat

It starts with knowing where you receive your dose of high and low positive energy and what high and low are messing with you on the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels so you can tap into your superconscious

Because too often we walk around absorbing other people’s thoughts, beliefs, personas like we are vacuums

That’s what I coach you on in 90 Days To Energy Mastery because spiritually, mentally, physically you are a master of your energy or at least will be at the end of the 90 days you will be

Energy Mastery isn’t for everyone, it’s for a select few, for those high achievers that want to get off the busy bike and start to focus on what’s important to them.  Those that no longer want to live in a world that drains them but gives them an overflow of energy physically, mentally and spiritually. If that sounds like you then click here to jump on a call


Ruth ‘enjoys musicals’ Danquah

P.S. My doors to 90 Days To Energy Mastery has some amazing bonuses which will expire soon,  so that you can tap into your zone of effectiveness, efficiency and enthusiasm I encourage you to make a decision

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