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Using FB Live Like A Pro To Expand Your Business [FB Live]

These are simple quick tips because no one wants to be overwhelmed with long lists because you wouldn’t get through it. So here are 5 ways to use FB Live like a pro to expand your business!

  1. Use your laptop. We are running a business here and just because we have gone social it doesn’t mean we have to let standards slip (if you don’t know how to do this I will be doing some training next week, sign up below).
  2.  Add your logos and your other social networks. Keep your branding consistent and make sure people can contact you on the other platforms. Social signals increase your online authority so increase your social reach
  3. Tell the audience who you, what you are going to teach them and why they should care. If you want to look like an authority in your field this is vital as it put’s context around the content you are going to share.
  4. Prepare a specific message that your audience need to hear, not just one you want to tell them, make sure the info you are sharing is valuable. Why? Because the moment your audience knows more than you do, they will no longer need you
  5. Have a clear call to action of what the audiences next steps are so they don’t feel the conversation has just come to a halt. Leave room to continue the conversation.

I am doing some live training next week Monday on FB Live. Starting with how to set up Facebook on your laptop as well as use software to create your branding. Sign up below while we take you through the steps

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