Video Converts at 80% – Use The Power of LiveStream

Everyone is on livestream and it makes sense, when video converts at over 80% and experts are saying that FB lives have an even higher rate due to the interactive elements.

But what if you hate video, should you miss out? No! That is exactly why I created this challenge in early Jan called the Confident Speaker and it was transformational.

I have repackaged it so that you don’t miss out and have included some really great bonuses so you get even more value!!!

Learn how to overcome people judging you. Grab the 3 powerful questions you should be asking yourself, so you never run out content for your Live streams. Plus access other bonus materials like how to increase views, only available via this course.Enrol now for lifetime access!

During the four days of the course (which you can take at your own pace), this is how it breaks down:

  • Day 1 – Go from ‘ignored and overlooked’ to ‘commanding a room’ – so you can create a far bigger impact in the world, and in your own life, with much greater ease
  • Day 2 – Control your energy pace, even at times when you think you’ve lost your train of though
  • Day 3 – Discover how you can make an impact when you deliver your next talk, and close more deals from your presentations than ever before
  • Day 4- Bring together the strategies over the 3 days so you can create your signature story and repurpose your video to sell and market with little to no effort so you can expand your business

If you want in here is the link for the £97 introductory price won’t last forever. Grab your copy of the Confident Speaker here

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