If you use the words like hard, busy, trying then you may be more of a goal moaner than a goal soldier.

To be clear, you will continue to live in struggle and not live a life of intention.  Because the words you are speaking aloud now WILL show up in your future.

And you as you already know the words you speak today is what you will see in your future, so perhaps there are parts of your soul that are not in agreement with your mind?

Because the difference between where you are and where you want to be is just one clear vision away.

The life you are living now is a lack of profound vision.

Because if you are not defining your vision of the future you will be left with the old visions of the past.

So with that in mind how to do you think like a woman with intention? A true #goalfriend

Now there may be man definitions of a goalfriend, here is mine…a person who set’s a goal, and get’s relentlessly supported to pursue said goal like a friend who will ride or die for you.

1. Set goals and actually believe that you can and will achieve them.

You can set all the smart goals you want, but if you don’t believe that you are limitless then you will continue to see the same results again and again.

That means being aware of who & where you are.

Instead of having expectations of where you want to be that leaves you riddled with anxiety and depression.

Is who you think you are, really who you are?

Or is it a social construct of what other people have said you are?

Don’t bother set another resolution until you do these two things…

Image from Tourdunhang

Accept & appreciate who you are, the light and the dark


The Goddess Quan Yin spoke to my soul recently and it was calling me to witness suffering by being curious.

The very act of curiosity breeds compassion when we take time to understand rather than to make judgements based on our assumptions

2. Know your obstacles and prepare for them

Preparing for them means having tools to be able to overcome them. As a multidisciplinary practitioner, I use Oracle cards to help tap into my intuition and healing modalities like Reiki, tapping, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming to heal the fear so obstacles don’t mess with vision. That’s why I created Goddess so women can be free from anxiety around being them and finally see their goals realised.

3. Take aligned action through your D.R.E.A.M.S. not your reality

Having complete clarity on your values & vision means that you gain more velocity towards your D.R.E.A.M.S which stands for clarity on your destination, clarity on how this will make the world remarkable, clarity on how to elevate your vibrational frequency so you stay a vibrational match to what you desire, clarity on the attitude you will need to adjust, clarity on the method that aligns with you and a system to help you co-create it all.

Complete clarity means making decisions based on the different areas of your life you want to see changes in.

For example, what isn’t in alignment for you right now? Hint: It’s whatever doesn’t light you up

Complete clarity means knowing WHAT needs to be done and acting from a place of faith not sight!

Complete clarity means knowing WHY it needs to be done and getting the right support to get it.

If you want to set goals & believe you can achieve them, know your obstacles and take aligned action and set 2020 on fire like the boss you are, then it’s time to get your breakthrough by working with me!

STOP Attracting things you DON’T want in 202o!

And change your reality that has got you struggling…

Maybe It’s Because You Think…

😡”You haven’t got all the information” And you’ve been acting as if for a while now, you’ve been watching youtube videos, reading those LOA books and downloading anything that has to do with the universe. You try to grab anything and everything, believing you don’t have enough information and ultimately not looking within!

😡”You don’t trust yourself” You keep looking for answers outside of yourself, if it isn’t a person, it’s a piece of software, a group course, a crystal, a book. You spend so much chasing that you don’t realise what you are seeking is seeking you, now only if you would trust yourself enough to believe it.

😡 “You believe thoughts become things” And you’ve totally forgotten about your feelings which are unconsciously messing with your current reality But I Want You To Imagine… You’ve cleared out old limiting beliefs and emotional wounds and you’re now watching your life change into your new normal IMAGINE MORE SUPPORT…

Imagine if you could step into a space where you can change all the elements of your life that no longer serve you!

IMAGINE MORE WISDOM… Imagine being able to feel more empowered to take action, working with your guides and highest self

IMAGINE MORE ALIGNED ACTION… Imagine what it would be like to be free from the judgement of self and others so you can speak your truth from a place of love and live the life you were meant to live …

Imagine after ONLY 4 weeks Your highest self…

Doesn’t question that you are a badass, that you are the person to trust with your life and no one else! Your highest self…

Doesn’t go on the internet scraping around for answers, hoping, praying, dying for someone to save them… instead, you’re always saving yourself. Every Time! Your highest self…

Doesn’t need someone to tell them how great they are nor does it take everyone’s advice, you never really took it anyway! Your highest self…

Never says should or need to but instead says want to, I am called to and moves with alignment!


Ruth-Ellen – #labelsareforjarsnotpeople

healer & manifestation coach

P.S. THINK ABOUT THIS… You do NOT want to find yourself in the same place next year… Right?

The ONLY way to ensure this doesn’t happen is through purposeful aligned action.

This is how you achieve PROGRESS, PEACE & live your life on PURPOSE It’s not what you KNOW, it’s what you DO with what you know.

All of that amazing, creative, inspiring, potentially life-changing power inside of you that you keep in your head is not going to work unless YOU TRUST YOURSELF.

Isn’t it time for you to LIVE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS? Isn’t it time for you to STEP INTO WHO YOU WAS MEANT TO BE? Isn’t it time for you to HAVE WHAT YOU WANT UNAPOLOGETICALLY?!

How about that time being today?

Today where eventually one step becomes another step until you look back (just for a second) and you realise you’ve just REWROTE ALL THOSE OLD STORIES???

And your old unhelpful thoughts and fearful ways become nothing more than a distant memory?

And the day you said YES to becoming YOU becomes the day you made the



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