This week I was saying I am not productive, I am unfocused, I just haven’t got my s*** together.

Yet I finished writing my sales page #mypurpose

I set a date my masterclass and created a page #nomorehiding

I worked with a team of high-level executives and was more present & focused than ever

I was bold enough to ask those high-level executives to hire me as a consultant for their sales team when they asked when am I going to work with them #calltheirbluff

I had a sales conversation walking from the train station which I turned around from an initial cheesy pickup line #nothanks lol

I helped a colleague to sort out his website, added a zapier integration with Kartra and helped to build his funnel in 10 minutes flat

I completed 5 other tasks of my list that which included helping to organise a dyslexia event, creating a Facebook messenger not to mention helping to shape two young people’s lives #lovemyteenagers

But then I remembered my spirit made an agreement but my body didn’t

So I had to get back to centre

I realised…

There is a lot of I’s in my words, but let me not deceive you.

I really is God/Universe/Abba

He reminds of who I am, what I can achieve when then world tells me otherwise.

For a long time, I didn’t believe I was good enough to speak the name of God. Because I am not Christian (other Christians have told me I didn’t pass their test)

The word God has so many negative connotations because of others, but I can no longer live a life avoiding words because how others have used and abused it. #abundance

Whether you believe in God or not has nothing to do with me, that’s your spiritual journey #nojudgement

I am spiritual, a believer in God who knows all things are possible when others say it’s impossible

If you believe in a higher source, then following this prayer that God spoke to me about, could help you break free

I decree and declare that my mind is renewed and ask that my mouth catches up

I allow every beneficial thought I have to empower, energise and engage the words that come out of my mouth at such a level that it doesn’t get lost in translation, that my words and thoughts align for the greater good.

That my heart, mind, body, spirit and anything else get into alignment.

I allow the chatterbox to run it’s course, to keep chatting because with my wise mind I listen to clues towards my success

I declare and decree a great change is coming

It is done!

What does your heart, mind, spirit need to make an agreement on

May your day be amazing

Ruth-Ellen x

Remember – Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

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