We are selling a belief, a value, a feeling, a transformation, formed in a product or service

Sometimes we have an amazing product

But no one knows it exists

Sometimes this product can change the world

But no one knows it exists

So you can try many things to help increase the traffic to our websites, social media profiles etc.

But there is no point implementing any of these strategies if nobody knows what you are selling

You need to know what you’re selling…yes what is it, how can I buy it etc are the logical things that go into that puzzle.

But a more important part of the puzzle is that we are not selling a product!

We are not selling a product or service

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This is what I am selling.

I believe that we should be contributors not just consumers of this world.

I believe in order to see everyone in our world thrive not just survive we must help each other. I believe entrepreneurs who are mission-driven, who know their purpose do this.

I help mission-driven entrepreneurs to get confident selling their value so they can have a sustainable business.

Often times people that have created these heart-centered purposeful world-changing businesses know how to deliver to their beneficences with their eyes closed.

But these same entrepreneurs struggle with selling their businesses to gain investment and struggle to gain sales from corporates or to know how to be commercially successful.

I believe in people that want to help to change the world.

I never made a sale selling a product

All of my previous big wins have been people I have connected with that get what I do, I rarely followed up with people and I managed to close business five to seven figure business. Why? Because I knew what I was selling.

I wasn’t selling SaaS, I was selling control, control of spending, freedom of time

I wasn’t selling large format printers I was selling a way to see your work in printed format in all it’s colourful glory

I wasn’t selling food I was selling convenience, quality

So my question to you is, what are you selling?

Ruth-Ellen – Your Get More Sales Coach

P.S. If you’re not sure how to create a process that gives you a consistent revenue stream so people really get what you are selling. Then perhaps my FREE 4-day challenge can help, it starts April 25th. It’s called Easy sales funnels check it out

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