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Why do amazing, intelligent, gifted women tend to hide in their business?

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Why do they not have the income, influence and fulfil there full potential?
Why do they have careers that don’t fulfil them in a way that they deserve?

Many will tell you it’s a worth issue. I don’t agree

It’s not a worth issue. It’s a way of SURVIVAL

Survival mode is an adaptive response to help us survive danger and stress. It’s dangerous and stressful to not fit in.

You dim to fit in to survive.

You dim to fit in because we live in a culture that has taught you to attach labels to those who don’t ‘fall in line’ as aggressive…
Loud and obnoxious.

You dim to fit in because we’re taught you that you need to behave in a certain way to make others feel good.

You dim to fit in because we’re taught to adapt or ‘code switch’ to keep our job’s, social circles and level of lifestyle.

You dim to fit in because we’re taught to go along with the behaviours of the majority because you’re only the ‘minority’.

You’ve been doing this for most of your life that it’s become habitual. Yet your subconscious beliefs are driving your “fit in patterns”.

On a behavioural level if you don’t act like you can be unapologetically visible & shine without dimming to fit in then it doesn’t matter how many mindset shifts you make – you’re not going to see lifelong changes if you keep falling back into the fit in the pattern of behaviour. You will always find another reason to bite your tongue, code switch, basically contract into old behaviours so you dim to fit in again.

Understanding your patterns of behaviour is key. The piece that most of the clients miss before working with me is being equipped with tools on a mental, emotional, behavioural and energetic level to shift their state.

The constant labelling, code-switching, self-doubt, external validation by others; it changes when you unapologetically shine while feeling like you fit in on that deep cellular level.

This is some of the work that I do with my 1:1 clients in my 3-month coaching package for professionals who have trauma to heal around being seen & heard unapologetically.
I help you shift those “fitting in” patterns that up until now have been used for your survival. Now that you’re ready to shift out of your lifetime pattern of the labels, code-switching, external validation, and self-doubt .

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