hiding online

Put yourself out there they said

Step outside your comfort zone they said

The question is are you constantly stressing out when you step out?

😮Because every time you show up you aren’t getting the numbers you want even though you’ve ‘let go’ of the outcome but you’re becoming Irritable AF

😮 Because you wake a few times in the middle of the night hoping someone’s chosen you to be their coach, they haven’t and you’re tired

😮 Because you’ve got another idea that people should jump all over so you’re ready to create another sales page but you’re experiencing goal trauma from the last ‘failure’ so that ain’t gonna work

Here’s my question… are you done manifesting…

😞Weight gain because you start emotionally eating when you’re sad

🥺Insomnia because you worry you just aren’t enough

So how do you fix it…you know not get stressed?

When you gain inner knowing that what you want, wants you and lose inner doubt you start to unattach, be visible because you have trust and that energy becomes super attractive to your soulmate clients.

Playing big is about expanding your capacity to accept all of you (yes even those parts you’re hiding) minus the doubts, sleepless nights, mood swings, blah and _____👈insert here.

We totally eradicate your stress in Unapologetically Visible to help you show up as the badass world-changing woman you are.

Receive 1:1 coaching & hypnotherapy to help you to be aligned AF, plus 4 energy meditations & 4 innvocations so you can transmute non-beneficial energy from your energetic field and claim back your sovereign divine feminine potency. All so you can show up unapologetically visible with ease, avoid burnout and have all the energy you need to call in magnetised clients while enjoying all elements of your business –  VALUE £4,444

Fast Action Bonus Including Light code activation session so you can easily step into the Unapologetic badass world-changing woman you were meant to be  – VALUE £555

VIP Only: Your 30 days of Permission to Get Triggered Voxer Access will help you to identify those triggers that stop you from playing big so you can finally learn how to turn your triggers into your biggest winners. Picture yourself getting triggered in your day, leaving me a voxer  message and receiving the support you need  to feel validated while also shifting forward #coachingandhealingontap    –  VALUE £3,333 (**VIP Only**)

Direct message by clicking here, you know you deserve more right? 💕 if you don’t know yet, you will get to know, it’s all part of the process 😉

It’s your time to play big without manifesting the things that will damage your body, mind and soul.

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