Get Ya Money

With 10k Months: Make More, Change Lives, Give To Charity & Be Happier

Are You The Kind of Women Who’s Ready To Hit Your $10K Revenue Goals In Your Coaching Business Even If You’re Brand New To Coaching?

With 10k Months that client that needs your help to transform their life, their business, their overall situation no longer is waiting.

I know you want to hit that $10k mark at a minimum. After all that marketing you’ve been doing, you’ve got no energy left for transformational work.

That’s why it is essential you stop!

Yes stop trying to convince through your marketing

And start doing that work that will transform your life and the life of others!

10K Months means you will have more money to give away to transform more people’s lives

10K Months means experiences with people you love that money can buy, because let’s face it having inconsistent months sucks

10k Months means saying no to overwhelm and countless energy draining activities and yes to you and your happiness, in fact f*** happiness you’re aiming for fulfilment baby!

And if you’re being real $10k doesn’t do s*** for the bigger goal you’ve got

Because $10k is basic and I know you’re much more than basic

The moment you own the fact that charging you worth is a myth and that the money you charge has nothing to do with your worth

The moment when YOU decide that mediocre results don’t align with your mind, your body and your spirit let alone your future

The moment you stop playing small and wasting your precious time that is when you will start seeing…

Clients who beg to work with you but you implement a golden rope policy so say no with ease because you only work with clients your soul aligns with

Clients that are drawn to you like a magnet, ones who feel like a pleasure to work with that are just like you, courageous, amazing and badass
You’ll feel, see and hear abundance and get results in my program when you stop hesitating and really step into your power 🔥

Don’t hesitate:

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