Are you failing to achieve the goals you desire because you are so attached to the belief you need to work hard for it?

    Constantly feeling sluggish one week and energised the next?

    Jumping from one thing to the next hoping and praying that the thing you do will have all the answers, give you that breakthrough?

    Getting anxious and doubting your ability to get to your desires from one day to the next?

    Do you want a life where you wake out of bed energised and happy as a grinning Cheshire Cat because you’re living an aligned life?

    Perhaps you want a life where you get to travel the world while experiencing a different culture with so much curiosity

    Perhaps you want to fly a kite in Blackheath park for hours?

    Maybe you want to rescue Cats or even heal people’s guts through hugs!

    Whatever life YOU want

    YOU deserve to have it

    ALL OF IT!

    Yesterday I was at a conference filled with amazing women and was speaking to one woman in particular who stood out…

    She was talented

    She was smart

    She was inspiring

    But she was broke

    Constantly going from project to project not knowing if she would generate enough income for her family

    She believed £10,000 was her normal, not for the month, but for the year, for the last 10 years!

    She believed her work was a labour of love so not receiving money for it was normal

    I get it

    I used to serve a community of over 800 people in 12 months but only generated £100 of sales because I believed in my “labour of love”

    I love being able to do my charitable work, be a contributor, not just a consumer and for a long time I had the same mindset

    And I used to be that woman who lived way beneath her means, that put herself last

    The woman who said, it’s ok, things will eventually change

    One day I will get paid for all of this

    One day I will he will say I am good enough

    One day people will see how brilliant I am at what I do

    But you know, nothing changed until I decided to change

    I decided to change my marriage

    I decided to change my lifestyle

    I decided to shift my mindset

    I changed my energy

    I decided what I had, wasn’t good enough because I was, am and will always be good enough!

    I wanted to change more women’s lives so that they can be free in all aspects of their mind, body and soul and experience financial freedom

    In order for me to help others, I knew I had to help myself first

    I had to put the life jacket on first because I knew I couldn’t swim without it

    I knew I deserved more than scraping by

    I deserved to honour my life instead of waiting for my then husband or my then employer or someone else to see me

    Because waiting to be recognised for my brilliance, beauty, talent and for others to honour me was no longer a game I wanted to play

    I deserved to be wealthy

    I deserved to live a life of abundance

    I deserved to make an impact but also to make an INCOME

    The lady I spoke to yesterday deserves this and more

    And you know that you deserve this and more too don’t you?

    So I will ask again..What life do YOU want?

    Do you really want to be where you are 10 months from now, let alone 10 years because if you are not clear about the life you want

    YOU could still be scraping by

    Let’s face it, you are settling

    And you already may know why

    You are not taking consistent action towards your D.E.S.I.R.E’s

    And that is why you are NOT going to get the life you want

    I know it can sound scary to go for what YOU want

    I mean what if you fail

    What if you fall flat on your face

    But what if…


    Because when you keep on choosing you, YOU never fail!

    It’s time to go for what you want!

    What type of life do you want?

    The easy work starts with shifting your energy so you choose YOU over and over again. Lucky for you energy work is my jam, which means choosing YOU becomes easy!

    Are you ready to choose you? Here is your first step to having the life you want >>>> ruth-ellen.com/call

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