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The one thing that is stopping you from being visible in your business right now

When you’re stepping out and sharing your truth some blocks can come up in your content creation process which means you are not as visible as you could be.

The one thing that is stopping you from being visible in your business right now is your PAST…

😖 In the past you went live and didn’t get the engagement you desired so YOU believe no one thinks you’re interesting enough

😖 In the past you put out an offer and got crickets so you now you think that your offers are not good enough you may have even tried to give them away for free and no one wanted it

😖 In the past you trusted your intuition and went all guns blazing but ended up being let down so now you trust your intuition as far as you can throw it

The bad news is when you live in the past you marinate in shame. And you know you can’t live in the present if you are still reliving the past

But here’s the good news, you don’t need to suffer from what happened in your past to run a successful business right now

Some of you are going live, posting content and sharing half-arsed truths while being anxious, that’s a place of suffering love and you don’t have to live there a second longer. ⠀

If you believe that suffering is the only path to success you will suffer and when you get to your version of what you call success, you will absolutely resent it. ⠀

Expansive work so that you show up as you unapologetically doesn’t have to be painful 😖 it can be liberating. ⠀

🎤Speaking your truth will be like walking around naked while doing a happy dance ⠀

🙌 Serving your soulmate clients will feel like feeding people that have been starving without them adding extra calories because what you’re serving only nourishes them ⠀

😎 Showing up without second-guessing yourself will feel like you’re shining your light so bright that anyone that dares to cast a shade on you will be met with your blinding light that they have to wear sunglasses ⠀

You may have meditated but perhaps need to go further and transmute the energy of F.E.A.R into something more expansive…like love.

F.E.A.R stands for finally an expanding attitude request.

You’re being called to do expansive work that expands you, not work that breaks you. Learn to know the difference

Which means that every time you feel a fear it’s a call to action for you to shift your altitude so you can go to your next level by bringing fear into the light and unblocking those creative content juices.

To transmute fear energy into love energy choose to get curious about an experience that perhaps wasn’t dealt with from the past, to release the dark wound and let love live.

Here are some journal prompts:

🤚 What does the younger me need to hear to feel safe, loved and supported?

🤚 Why am I not honouring my journey by sharing my story?

🤚 How does this sharing this story free others from shame?

🤚What are three ways can I rewrite the meaning of the story so it is empowers me?

✋ What do I need to share so I can be of greater service to my soulmate clients?

F.E.A.R is just one of the tools we use in Unapologetically Visible to help you show up as the badass world-changing woman you are

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