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Amazing Feedback from our community

I’m wrapping up for the week, and wanted to share with you that this is the first week in a long time, where I have actually achieved everything I was aiming to complete.

Far from the usual frantic rush to share the last bits of work with my manager before logging off for a weekend of worrying about the next week. I am calmly writing my list for the next week, thinking about what my key tasks will be, and looking forward to the things I will be able to achieve.

Thank you for the sessions, they are making a huge difference in how confident I feel about my achievements at work. I am enjoying feeling more in control of my workflow, it’s a real positive improvement!

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What You Get When You Join:

Comprehensive Weekly Modules: Dive into focused modules each week, targeting key executive function skills. From goal setting and time management to organization and emotional control, you'll gain practical strategies and techniques to excel in every area.
Engaging Gamification Elements: Learning should be exciting and motivating. Our challenge incorporates gamification elements to keep you engaged and inspired throughout the journey. Earn points, unlock achievements, and compete with fellow challengers as you power up your executive function skills.
Expertly Designed Frameworks: Benefit from our curated frameworks and proven techniques. From the DREAMS Goals Framework to the KonMari Method and the Zeigarnik Effect, you'll have access to powerful tools that transform the way you approach tasks, manage your time, and achieve your goals.
And that's not all. In addition to the comprehensive program, you'll receive four exclusive bonuses, each carefully designed to give your progress a powerful boost. Based on your unique needs, we'll identify the bonus that resonates most with you, allowing us to devote focused attention to that specific area.
If you have any questions or need further information about The Executive Function Playbook™, simply send me a direct message on Instagram (@theruthellen) with the keyword "PLAYBOOK." I'm here to provide you with all the support you need to unlock unstoppable success across every domain of your life.
Join me in  The Executive Function Playbook™  and unlock your true potential. 

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