How unresolved trauma might be holding you back, without you even realising it

Episode #1 Of The S.H.E Can Show

The S.H.E Can Show believe that labels are for jars and not for people, we share how guest shift, heal and expand so that you can do that too. Hosted by Ruth-Ellen Danquah hypnotherapist with a mission to empower all women to show up as their badass self in their business through crushing, crumbling and destroying vows to play small using hypnotherapy. Today’s show features Janine Wirth!

Listen or watch to the S.H.E Can Show below episode 1 below

Janine aka “the trauma whisperer” is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and coach specialising in helping women heal from unresolved trauma and emotional baggage without spending years in therapy.

She speaks about her own healing journey after surviving a hijacking, kidnapping and attempted rape at gunpoint at age 18.

Her mission is to help women make the connection between emotional baggage and how it shows up later in life through symptoms like binge eating, self-sabotage, procrastination etc and affects our romantic relationships, how we parent and even how we show up in our careers.

In this episode learn about:

  • What trauma is (and it how you may be thinking about it all wrong) [1:32]
  • Why trauma takes time to process [2:40]
  • Janine’s long term relationship with trauma [4:16]
  • The medicine of trauma [5:20]
  • Tools to help you manage trauma [7:10]
  • Symptoms of trauma (including secondary symptoms [10:24]
  • Types of clients Janine works with [14:00]
  • When left unresolved how trauma shows up (including physical symptoms) [17:19]
  • What everyone needs to hear about unresolved trauma [19:40]
  • How to identify a victim & survivor mindset [21:00]

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