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    How to trust your intuition with ease


    trust your intuition with ease

    Episode #3 Of The S.H.E Can Show

    How do you trust your intution with ease? Today’s show features Kristin Quattlebaum who has shifted, healed and expanded to discuss her own journey with trusting her intuition

    The S.H.E Can Show believe that labels are for jars and not for people, we share how guest shift, heal and expand so that you can do that too. Hosted by Ruth-Ellen Danquah hypnotherapist with a mission to empower all women to show up as their badass self in their business through crushing, crumbling and destroying vows to play small using hypnotherapy.

    Kristin is a former 15 year corporate hustler turned Intuitive Life Coach.

    She spent years hustling for happiness through seeking fulfillment outside of herself.

    It wasn’t until Kristin turned within that she rediscovered the power within and was able to begin her life purpose path.

    Kristin is passionate about helping others come back home to themselves through reigniting their connection to their intuition.

    In this episode learn about:

    • How Kristin defines intuition [6:48]
    • How Kristin has learnt to trust her intuition [10:09]
    • Why we can find it hard to trust our intuition [14:22]
    • Some tips from Kristin so you can strengthen your intution [19:18]
    Trusting your intuition

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