Mindset strategies with Carly Hamilton-Jones

Episode #4 Of The S.H.E Can Show

The S.H.E Can Show believe that labels are for jars and not for people, we share how guest shift, heal and expand so that you can do that too. Hosted by Ruth-Ellen Danquah hypnotherapist with a mission to empower all women to show up as their badass self in their business through crushing, crumbling and destroying vows to play small using hypnotherapy. Today’s show features Carly Hamilton-Jones!

Carly Hamilton-Jones is a mindset coach who helps busy, high-achieving women find the direction they’re craving and dare to start moving in it. Overwhelm, self-doubt and perfectionism are obstacles that stand in the way of our big life and business goals. Carly guides women through mindset strategies and gives them the tools to create a clear plan of action so they can move forward with confidence.

She has 20 years of experience coaching, mentoring and teaching women and young adults to create lasting change, shift their thoughts and beliefs and lead purpose-driven lives.

Carly provides high-achieving women with the tools, strategies and perspective needed to shift their thoughts and take new, empowering action.

In this episode learn about:

  • How to identify whether you are a high achieving woman
  • What fears Carly has transcended & how she changed them
  • Mindset strategies to help you in the everyday
Fear & Anxiety Quote
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Episode #4 Resources

5 short (but critical) journaling prompts to focus your mind and get more done all day

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