The painful truth about missing your life goals is that it leaves you empty inside.

What is even more painful is that it leaves you in agony when you hit goals that don’t mean s*** to you.

Constantly MAKING yourself number 2, number 3 or even number 4 on your list will NOT get you where you want to be

Saying yes to social gatherings (that includes social media, yes even Facebook live’s and yes scrolling through your feed still counts) will NOT get you your life goals

Let’s face it your life is no longer about what you want BUT what you are missing out on

This year I desired to spend more time with my family, to build my family, experience more with my family.

Here’s what my life goals looked like for me in the last 5 months…

Getting a hole in one in Mini golf and annihilating my kids at a fun game (what can I say, I am competitive)

Winning speaking awards and beating 6ft tall men in the process (I told you I am competitive, 5ft, plus an intersectionist, so I have issues)

Countless trips to the cinema (did you see Endgame by the way…epic)

Enjoying cuisine from dining experiences with the people I love (I rarely rave about food, but when I find the right food I go all in)

Cycling on a tandem bike (this is a big deal for me as I have challenges with dyspraxia)

Going on holiday to Madrid and creating countless staycations

Learning Portuguese (after all I am getting married in Rio)

Rowing a boat (yes I now know how to row)

Learning how to Salsa dance

…All while creating passive Income creation (created 3 courses so far this year already)

And I am not done.

Because I know the agony, of missing out on my own life goals for far too long

The painful truth about missing life goals is that it stops you from showing up for you!

Because there is nothing worse than working your butt off for something you don’t want.

What you want are experiences that matter to YOU, because that is the whole point of YOUR life, doing what matters to YOU.

What you are missing out on is FULFILMENT, because that is what achieving YOUR life goals does

You will NEVER experience any of these things if you keep on apologising for going for what you DESIRE!

You will NEVER experience what you deserve, and I don’t just mean money if you keep on letting the fear of what you don’t want to overcome you.

When I speak about desire, let me be clear, DESIRE is that deep soul churning WANT and NEED that gets you bouncing out of bed that you unapologetically smile, laugh and giggle with no f***given

Let me break down DESIRE because I am very left brained when it comes to life goals!

You know that desire that you rarely vocalise to others because you think they will judge you, so instead, you judge yourself

D.E.S.I.R.E for me is going for what you DESERVE, knowing you are ENOUGH being STRATEGIC to get it while using INNOVATION so you can see RESULTS while having the right ENERGY before, during and after!

Ready to get what you D.E.S.I.R.E unapologetically?

Ready to hit your life goals with more ease, ENERGY and enthusiasm even when the world wants to distract you?

READY to experience RESULTS that matter to you?

You’re ready for that and more, right? Here’s your first step >>>

Ruth-Ellen xx

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