It’s time for a message from your highest wisdom through this #pickacard

Read below for the steps 👇

Look at the spread below

💖 Card 1 Smokey Quartz 💖

💖 Card 2 Citrine 💖

💖 Card 3 Celestite 💖

Close your eyes

Breathe in Breathe out

Repeat the question aloud …

🔮 What do I need to hear right now ?🔮

Repeat this another 2 times

Open your eyes 👀

Whatever card you’re drawn to, choose that one, then watch the video for the reveal

🔮 What do you need to hear right now?🔮 (💖PICK A CARD💖) – Here is the reveal (timestamps are below this video)

Timestamps 👇

Pile 1 – 1:48

Pile 2 – 24:05

Pile 3 – 47:00

Decks used in reading:

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🙏 Namaste

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