Energy healing

For too long I have avoided this conversation

When I really should have been embracing it

I am queen through and through

Does that mean I am devoid of feelings

Heck no

It just means I am…a straight shooter

Don’t want to sit around a circle with other women and sing coom by ah

I mean I get it

You want to bond

Here is how I bond

I give constructive feedback that will help you to improve and also elevate you so that you are up for the challenge

I have conversations that don’t (just) involve us crying with no destination

Crying is a form of release

I mean I am not saying you should avoid your feelings

Acknowledge that shit

Process it

Dissect it

Analyse it

So that you deal with that feeling like you just found it watching inappropriate stuff online

Wearing my crown as a queen means

I like to call you out

For example

If my friend says he is tired and wants to go home I say ok wet wipe

Let me walk you home

Funnily enough, he then has another drink

Is that manipulative


I know him

I love him so I know that calling him a wet wipe is like water off ducks back

I don’t believe in rocking myself in the corner and thinking why doesn’t he want to hang and over analyzing that conversation when he said this but he meant that.

That shit is draining

So am I am queen for being assertive

Call me a bitch…

Whatever helps you sleep at night

You keep putting your labels on me

I will be too busy doing me

While you who label me

Keep watching me

Because my actions will speak louder than my words

Don’t be scared to walk alone

Don’t be scared to like it

Sometimes a walk alone can mean that you take your own path

Remember life is like an amusement park, enjoy the ride!



If you are claiming your crown as a queen then maybe it’s time to take the steps to fix your crown permanently,

It all starts with claiming back YOUR power

Unleash the power that will release

As a result of Fixing Your Crown, you WILL – 

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