Be a Warrior Not A Worrier Even When It’s Mercury Retrograde

I was super nervous

I mean super anxious

When I get anxious I sometimes forget to breathe

And get very disorientated

My daughter told me to calm down

And to stop overthinking

So, of course, I over thought even more

I mean it’s like saying don’t think about the blue elephant

Immediately you think of the blue elephant right?

Yesterday I delivered a speech to my club

A club I had delivered hundreds of times over the last 7 years

I didn’t like the energy and with the Mercury Retrograde in full swing, I knew it wasn’t my energy

FYI: Just about all forms of communication—whether it be negotiating, buying, selling, speaking, listening and editing—may seem to face some roadblocks during retrograde.

So I practised some NLP techniques to help me take away the feeling of inadequacy, incompetence and insecurity.

I walked for 25 minutes to Greenwich, mindfully trying to let go of this fear of being seen because it was paralysing me

Because this speech was way out of my comfort zone, or at least that’s what I told myself

I am a grown-ass woman, about to do ‘silly voices’ I kept on repeating in my head

Oh the judgement that washed over me like a wave of sticky caramel sauce that just felt wrong

When I arrived at the club, one of the members came and spoke to me

He could clearly see my energy was off

He had to remind me of who I am

Remind me of what I did

And honestly, it went in one ear and out the other

Did I do the speech?


Because that energy, that negative noise was the E.G.O AKA Edging God Out – Wayne Dyer

So I let the noises continue

Breathed in an out and said thank you

I wasn’t going to abandon myself

So I took to the stage

And honestly, the rest is blank

I forgot about me because I surrendered

I had a message to deliver to someone in that audience

A message to live on purpose

A message to not compare

A message told through the old folk tale the Hare and the Tortoise

Feedback like wow, wow, wow I am inspired, thank you was received in abundance

The point of me telling you this story is because you have a message, many messages inside of you

And your messages  are just as important as everyone else’s

Your message will touch someone else’s life so you can break old mindsets from their present and future generations

Don’t keep your message a secret so that people leave this planet with wounds that you could have helped them to heal, no matter the season.

You’re limitless, that is why you are reading this, I see you!

Ruth ‘Warrior Not Worrier’ Danquah

P.S. Limitless growth requires limitless change. If you want to explore how I can help you to see that limitless growth then book your exploration call now

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