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How comparing yourself to others is like self-harming, stopping you from fully being visible in your biz and how to stop it

Comparing yourself to others is ingrained from the minute we are born (even before)

When we are born we are measured, weighed.

We are placed into categories of too big or too small.

We then put on other people’s labels like we are jars (btw #labelsareforjarsnotpeople so stop it)

Each label weighted heavily on our bodies covering up who we truly are.

When we compare we inflict pain on ourselves by not regonising our greatness.

comparing yourself to others robs the world of your brilliance

This pain is something that eats at our joy, rejecting people, undermining God’s creation.

I carried around comparison labels like introvert, dyslexic, single mum, awkward, weird letting them attach to me like I was a magnet, I decided to let them go.

When you realise that those comparison labels are not serving you, that they are drowning you, holding you down like a lead ballon and making you believe you are separate ‘not like the other girls’ 😒 you get to decide to let it go.

You decide to work with your shadow and take responsibility for who you are, that the Universe doesn’t make mistakes, that you accept all of you the light and the dark.

What happens when you stop comparing yourself to others

👉 When you stop comparing, you stop looking for answers outside of yourself, buying coaching and courses from a place of fear (not the expansive fear type) but instead from place of overflow.

👉 You stop seeking help outside of yourself from emotionally unavailable coaches, healers, service providers who don’t love themselves so sure heck couldn’t love you, let alone celebrate you.

👉 You stop judging and start observing, being a witness and no longer a victim.

👉 You allow things to flow and don’t see a launch as the source of your income, but realise God is your source and everything else is a vessel.

👉 You start to show up in your business not concerned who was watching or not, knowing that you are committed to the process of serving no matter what.

When you accept who you are then you can change, it’s personal acceptance before personal development.


The guaranteed method to stop comparing

💜Acceptance of self 💜

Even to the poiaccof accepting that you compare, but know that you won’t be comparing forever.

From that space you can work on building a healthier self-image which isn’t dependent on performance and isn’t swayed by negative self talk (self-inflicted or other wise).

👏It’s about remembering who you are, not forgetting because only by remembering can you begin to heal which is part of your acceptance journey

👏Your perceived weakness will become a strength when you start to embrace it, not ignore it.

👏That’s when consistent visibility instead of consistent comparison happens.

When you become consistently visible from a place of positive self-image you gain an inner knowing that your business, your message, your whole being is supported and what you desire is already yours.

❤️Knowing that the Universe is not in love with future you but who you’re now.

Until to learn to accept all of you, the light and the dark you will continue to feed the comparison monster and it will continue to take over your soul.

We totally eradicate your comparison monster in Unapologetically Visible to help you show up as the badass world-changing woman you are.

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