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Using my unique Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™, you will never implement another initiative without clear ROI ever again. This is where organisations go from information to implementation and truly experience a transformational intersectional inclusive culture. 

A breakdown of how I help to assess, assimilate and advance your intersectional inclusion strategy:

This is how you set yourself up for inclusion success

Stage 1: Assess

First, we’ll utilise my Clarity Scaffolder system that helps folks just like you get clarity on their inclusion business needs. Next, our unique Performance Elevator process ensures our clients get clarity on the cultural outcome they desire FAST. After that, they get hard data about their current specific culture  using our Reality Analysis frameworks.

Stage 2: Assimilate

The Identity Gap & Factors process will ensure success as clients define and determine the factors so that they can eliminate the gap between desired and actual! The core mechanism for ensuring they can quickly turn intervention ideas into viable solutions is our Interventions Identification system. The last step in the Assimilate Stage is to customize our Interventions Matrix process, which shows our clients how to implement initiatives that align to the business need each and every day like clockwork!

Stage 3: Advance

Once we have your Assess and Assimilate in place we’ll kick off the Advance stage by building out your Impactful inclusion Initiatives system which allows you to create a flood of strategic interventions fast! Next up: We help our clients improve motivation for high adoption - our unique model called the Implementation Nation. The final step of The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™ Consulting is to ensure our clients are able to double their ROI using the Intersectional Inclusion Mastery system.

"I have worked with Ruth-Ellen as a volunteer since 2012. When we first met I was impressed by the way she gathered 80 people for first the dyslexic success event at Google Campus. Since then we have run around 50 events together for a peer to peer network which targets neurodivergent people developing their careers"
Charles Freeman, Charles Freeman Projects
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Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

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