MY goal is to help people management teams to double their NEURODIVERSE Employee performance in 90 days without wasting money on ineffective interventions, so they can have profitable high performing neuro-inclusive workplaces

Neurodiversity Consultancy Services

Helping you to implement my unique & Impactful Neuro-Inclusion Roadmap™


Transformational Neurodiversity training

Using the 3 A's of Neuro-Inclusion to help with the equity piece of neurodiversity


Game-changing Neurodiversity Coaching

Using the 3 E's to empower & equip your neurodiverse workforce

case studies Broad Knowledge Base. Deep Insights.


PR Firm Improves Employee Neurodiverse Disclosure

When a global communications firm wanted to encourage their staff to disclose

neurodiversity services

Using The Right Tech To Advance In Your Role

A community interest company which helps dyslexic adults


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OUR PEOPLE Why I Am Your Best Neuro-Inclusion Consulting Partner

Lived Experience

A mother of a 21 year old son with autism plus my own neurodivergent experience.

Professional Experience

From certifications in NLP to business coaching to consulting, I am personal development geek!

Supportive Experience

Supported over 2000 people through my live workshops, coaching & online training.

"Ruth-Ellen is an inspiration – kind and generous with her time and advice. #STEMConnext loved having Ruth-Ellen as part of her diverse panel for the event “What is your Superpower?” all about the power of Neurodiversity in 2019 and again this year, Ruth-Ellen has again paid it forward by coaching on anxiety around career choices and interviews at a recent networking event for Project Managers and Programme Managers looking for work. Ruth-Ellen talked to a number of individuals, really helping them work through their anxiety and giving them some tools and tips to work through. Thank you so much Ruth-Ellen for being such a giver. I love working with you"
Gill Cooke, Head of Digital Planning & Delivery 3G

We believe neurodivergents should be celebrated, not just tolerated, so we help to build neuro-inclusive workplaces.

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