Diversity training Diversity Training That Delivers Cultural Change

Diversity training has been proven to improve the culture of an organisation by equipping leaders with insights on how they think about differences within their team.

Your team will have a better understanding of how to work with each other. You’ll grow your talent pool by hiring more neurodiverse people.

Give your employees the opportunity to be themselves at work, to finally belong so that they bring out their best selves in the workplace, every day

The Stages Of diversity Training I Deliver With Examples:

When you already know why you have gaps in your neuro-inclusive workplace from your roadmap, choose the right training for ROI

Diversity Training For *Awareness*

This stage of inclusion work starts with awareness of self, others and your environment and how to embrace differences. This stage is about understanding that every person has unique qualities and strengths to contribute and should be respected as a person because of those qualities and not just because they meet some arbitrary standard

Diversity Training For *Acceptance*

This stage is about going beyond awareness and cultivating change through acceptance. When leaders can accept themselves, they can accept others through unconscious bias training. Acceptance provides the foundation for cultural change in general because when we understand each other, we have more respect for each other and we're more likely to want to help each other.

Diversity Training For *Advancement*

If you are diverse, it’s likely that you have faced challenges when trying to advance in your career. You may have been passed over for a promotion because of how others perceive your differences. Or maybe the job description was written with someone else in mind and doesn’t reflect what is required from the role. This can leave people feeling frustrated and stuck at their current level of income or influence within an organization. This stage is about providing the space to develop equity to get to that next level in career advancement. This requires a combination of initiatives that make a difference to the talent pipeline

Each Stage Also Comes With A Inclusive Leadership Toolkit

This toolkit helps leaders to be equipped with neuro-inclusive performance tools within the workplace, so training isn't just a one off event. Instead, it is an ongoing experience that helps to cultivate neuro-inclsuive leadership.

" I really did love the presentation and thought it was so informative covering all the basics, plus it was really engaging!! I’ve also heard good feedback from other team members as well, I’m sure people have learnt things which will help them better support our Neurodiverse colleagues. It really was a 5* presentation!"
B Adam, Insurance Manager

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I believe everyone should be celebrated, not just tolerated, so I help to build inclusive workplaces.

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