Are you struggling to stay emotionally regulated, complete tasks on time, or manage your daily responsibilities effectively? 

If so, then let's be real! Strong executive function skills are critical to your success & you WILL benefit from executive function coaching.  This page will breakdown...

How does executive function work?
The role executive function plays in daily life
The benefits strong executive function can provide

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How Does Executive Function Coaching Work?

Initial Assessment and Goal Setting: The journey begins with an initial assessment, where I evaluate the individual's current executive function strengths and weaknesses. Through the Barkley Deficits in Executive Functioning Scale (BDEFS) for Adults, I undertake I gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs. Based on this assessment, both short-term and long-term goals are set to guide the coaching process.
Developing Strategies and Techniques: Once the goals are established, I work with you to develop personalised strategies and techniques. I then provide guidance, feedback, and ongoing support to help the you continuously implement these strategies effectively.
Regular Coaching Sessions and Progress Tracking: Support, accountability, and motivation throughout the journey, helping you to stay on track towards your goals. Progress is continuously tracked, allowing both me the coach and you to assess growth and make any necessary adjustments to the coaching plan.

Through the initial assessment and goal setting, development of personalised strategies, and regular coaching sessions, individuals can experience significant progress in areas such as planning, organization, time management, and decision-making. With the guidance of a skilled coach, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve their desired outcomes.

I’m wrapping up for the week, and wanted to share with you that this is the first week in a long time, where I have actually achieved everything I was aiming to complete.

Far from the usual frantic rush to share the last bits of work with my manager before logging off for a weekend of worrying about the next week. I am calmly writing my list for the next week, thinking about what my key tasks will be, and looking forward to the things I will be able to achieve.

Thank you for the sessions, they are making a huge difference in how confident I feel about my achievements at work. I am enjoying feeling more in control of my workflow, it’s a real positive improvement! 

- 1:1 Executive Function Coaching Client

The Role  Executive Function Play In Your Daily Life

Executive functioning plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It affects our ability to plan and prioritize tasks, manage time effectively, stay organized, and adapt to changes. Whether it's meeting deadlines at work, balancing household chores, or maintaining social relationships, executive functioning skills are essential for success in various areas of life. Below are a few case studies to give you an example, names and photos changed to protect client confidenality. 

Case Study 1: Overcoming Procrastination

From Avoidance to Action!

Meet Sarah, a talented professional who struggled with chronic procrastination. Despite her skills and knowledge, she found herself constantly putting off important tasks, hindering her career progress. Frustrated by this pattern, Sarah decided to seek help through executive function coaching.

Working with her coach, Sarah learned practical strategies to overcome procrastination. She discovered the power of setting clear goals, breaking tasks into manageable steps, and creating a structured schedule. Through consistent practice and guidance, Sarah gradually developed a strong sense of discipline and time management skills.

As a result, Sarah experienced a significant transformation in her productivity and overall well-being. She became more efficient in her work, meeting deadlines with ease. Moreover, she regained a sense of control over her life, feeling empowered to take on new challenges and pursue her aspirations.

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Case Study 2: Enhancing Focus and Organisation

From Overwhelmed to Organised

John, a successful entrepreneur, struggled with maintaining focus and staying organised amidst his demanding responsibilities. He often felt overwhelmed, unable to prioritize tasks effectively and manage his time efficiently. Seeking a solution, John turned to executive function coaching.

Through personalized coaching sessions, John learned strategies to enhance focus and organization. He discovered techniques such as mindfulness exercises, creating visual cues, and implementing effective planning systems. As he applied these tools to his daily life, John experienced a remarkable improvement in his ability to concentrate and manage his workload.

With newfound clarity and structure, John achieved greater success in his business endeavors. He became more productive, making significant strides towards his goals. Additionally, his improved organizational skills alleviated stress and allowed him to enjoy a better work-life balance.

Case Study 3:  Building Effective Decision-Making Skills

From Decision Fatigue  to Decision with Ease

Emily, a young professional, struggled with making confident decisions. She often felt indecisive and anxious, fearing the consequences of making the wrong choices. Determined to overcome this challenge, Emily sought executive function coaching to develop her decision-making skills.

During her coaching journey, Emily learned various techniques to improve her decision-making abilities. She explored methods such as weighing pros and cons, using visualisation exercises, and seeking external perspectives. As she practiced these strategies, Emily gained confidence in her decision-making process.

With enhanced decision-making skills, Emily experienced a positive shift in her personal and professional life. She became more assertive, making choices aligned with her values and aspirations. This newfound clarity enabled Emily to navigate challenges with ease, leading to increased success and personal fulfillment.

More testimonials from my clients

I've helped my clients improve their executive function

Excellent coaching - Ruth creates a very safe space which allows open and honest conversation. She also brings in the non-work environment which I think supports deeper thinking and reflection

1:1 Coaching 

Government Official

i've been really grateful for the sessions with Ruth-Ellen. The one we just did on self-advocacy has been massivley useful. i'm feeling more empowered . i know what changes i can put in place to help me be my best self at work.thank you very much

1:1 Coaching 


The benefits strong executive function can provide

Revealed: How to Be More Effective & Efficient without Burning Out!

By developing and improving executive function skills, individuals can streamline their workflows, reduce cognitive load, and approach tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness. This not only prevents burnout but also promotes a healthy work-life balance, leading to increased job satisfaction and overall well-being. Here are a few ways how...

Enhanced Focus and Sustained Attention: Strengthening sustained attention allows individuals to maintain focus for longer periods, minimizing distractions and increasing productivity. This improved focus enables individuals to complete tasks more efficiently and with higher accuracy, reducing the need for time-consuming rework.
Improved Planning and Prioritization: Developing skills in planning and prioritization helps individuals effectively organize their tasks, allocate resources, and create realistic timelines. This prevents overwhelm and allows for a systematic approach to work, ensuring that important tasks are addressed first. As a result, productivity increases, deadlines are met, and stress is reduced.
Optimal Time Management: Effective time management is crucial for avoiding burnout. By understanding how to allocate time appropriately to different tasks and activities, individuals can make the most of their work hours while leaving time for breaks and relaxation. This prevents the accumulation of excessive workload and enables better work-life balance.

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