1 second technique

So I arrive at this improv workshop (2nd time)

Everything has changed

I don’t like it

The teacher is different

The people are different

The vibe is completely different

I feel like I am out of sync

I feel like a fish out of water

I feel like I don’t know what the fuck I am doing

Everyone else seems to be reading the right instructions and I have got instructions that I can’t make any sense of

People seem to be winning and I seem to be losing, I am the one who is fucking up the whole damn thing

The 1 Second Technique Vibe Technique




It’s a pattern interrupt

It has nothing to do with my experience right now

And that’s what makes it  a brilliant tool

A pattern interrupt is a way to change your state/habit in an INSTANT.

We all have behaviour patterns that are habit sequences or mental pathways.

So empowering myself to use these tools, cultivating a pattern interrupt habit will move me from low vibe to high vibe

And it’s my way of recognising I am out of the vortex

Yes, the vortex!

That high vibe frequency, that energy that I need to be in, in order to manifest my vision

THE INCREDIBLES is my stop low vibing awareness word (at least for today)

Tomorrow it could be ‘Once upon a time in America’ the next hour, in fact, could be ‘Carlitos Way’ it doesn’t really matter what word or phrase I choose, what matters is that I am causing a pattern interrupt of spiralling into low vibe town

You see low vibe town isn’t helpful

Low vibe town causes us to feel separate from one another, causing separation instead of oneness

Low vibe town is the emotional set point of shame

Low vibe town is the emotional set point of fear

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Your point of attraction is being affected by visiting Low vibe town

But here’s the good news they can be changed and you can go to high vibe land!

You can go from fear to peace to enlightenment,  it is possible

So why is it important that I even recognise my emotional set point? Well…


The teachings of Abraham teaches us that your mood is showing you a good representation of what you are inviting into your experience

When you find the emotional set point e.g. where you are at the moment, and you speak and think yourself up on the scale, one emotion at the time you allow your feelings to guide you to the set point

I had to ask myself…

What do I desire at this moment?

When I answered …I desired joy, self-expression, connection,  that’s why I decided to start  my improv journey

I allowed the emotion of fear

I accepted it

Thanked it and let it go and then moved onto the next point of the scale and started to feel joy at that moment

That’s how a deliberate creator thinks

So…If I was getting a low vibe in my hobby

What the heck type of vibe am I generating when I am working on being legendary?

Let’s look at that?

Sometimes we can be in low vibe in that very thing that will impact the world on a bigger scale…

Our business

Our relationships

Our whole life, a life that we are the creators of

We try to post our downloads from the universe from a place of fear,

I hear biz owners…tell me I should be posting consistently,

Mothers shout…I should be more nurturing

I should be loving

All of these should mean that the words you are articulating are not coming from a place of authenticity

But from a place of rules and other people’s expectations

Don’t get me wrong I have lived from this place before

I didn’t always have a pattern interrupt

I would share tips, strategies, information

But let me be clear if you are doing this from a place of FEAR that your followers will leave you if you don’t do this then this is NOT HIGH VIBE

That’s not high vibe!

So what?

Here’s the deal

These tips, strategies is information, information that people wouldn’t implement

Because the people you serve have information, but they need a transformation  to get to the next level

Here’s the question

Do you want to be legendary for imparting lot’s of information or do you want to be legendary from transformation?

[bctt tweet=”Transformation empowers others to eventually not need you (that’s the goal) and creates a ripple effect from one generation to another of abundance (YAAAAAS!)” username=”ruthehenry”]

Information gathers dust on someone’s shelf (BOOOOO)

Transformation is empowering long-term change, it’s embodied in every single pore in your body, it causes shifts, ripples, change (YAAAS!)

As an energy healer, coach, fellow human being, my wish for you is that instead of coming from a place of fear in all you desire, you come from a place of transformation that is awash with love and enlightenment so you are always in abundance!


Remember… Be Love. Be Brave. Be Legendary

Ruth-Ellen xx


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