Prayer to let go

There are days when you may not be feeling it at all

Days when you feel like nothing has gone to plan

Days when you think what just happened

You’re told to let it go so it can flow

And it all sounds nice

And seems to work

Until something triggers you

Because emotions not dealt with can’t be healed

So that’s what you are going to do you’re going to let it go properly

Before you make up your mind that you’ve tried this before I want you to clear that thinking, delete it from all space, time and universe

And then I want you to tap through it all out, yes use EFT (we will be doing EFT on wokeshop more details below)

Then I want you to pray over it

If you let the prayer I share with you below to wash all over you, you clear those energy blocks so you can take aligned action!

This is what aligned action looks like…

You finish your epic landing page for my Visibility Quiz

You connect with your tribe and filled them with love and light

You get so organised that you feel so much lighter getting it all out

You do things that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to do like create calculations in excel with formulas that are way above your pay grade yet so simple to do now

You check off tasks on your to-do lists at a quantum speed

You say no to things that you would have ordinarily said yes to, knowing what you say no to today you can say yes to tomorrow, no more fear of missing out for you

So here is the Let It Go prayer…

I decree and declare I will finish what I started

I forgive others

I forgive myself

I let go of the need for perfection

I let go of trying to be visible

And playing catch up

I allow myself to just be

I let go of judgement of myself

I say yes to flow and trust that there is a plan that is better than the one I have

That with each step I take I am getting closer to my destination because I walk with purpose

I declare that I don’t need to see the top of the staircase to trust that there is a landing

A landing filled with people that are joyful, thankful that I took those steps,

because my steps meant  that they could encounter more joy,

more freedom

and ultimately more love for themselves

which causes a ripple effect worldwide

forgiveness quote

I let go of the fear of missing out

I let go of  the fear of being seen

I receive more compassion

I receive more love

I deeply and completely trust myself

Today I will take more aligned action

It is done!

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