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Possible Sales – The Word Impossible Doesn’t Exist in Sales!

Ammar Ali is a former carpenter who lost his legs in a bomb blast in Baghdad, but he claimed Iraq’s first ever Paralympic silver fencing medal “In the last six months I trained six hours a day to be here and it paid off”.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Vasyl Kovalchuk, who won gold in the mixed 10-metre air rifle, lost his right arm after a bear attack at a zoo when he was 11 years old. He fired his way to a score of 201.1 – a record for a Paralympic final.

In its first 28 attempts to send rockets into space, NASA had 20 failures!

It took 13 years and 300 rejection slips before Twani O’Dell published her first book Black Roads!

It took me 2 months and 20 phone calls to get through to a decision maker at a major manufacturing company. It resulted in a £3m UK and £2m pan-European deal for the company I was working for, it’s always too soon to quit!

There are countless stories of people that have overcome adversities in their life. People often have these stories associated with the word impossible.

If you don’t know how to do something then take the time to learn, be a master of your craft, invest in yourself

No more excuses!

You’ve got this!

Here’s to getting more sales ✊

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