Shadow Work

Shadow Work Diary EP 1: Root, Heart & Crown Chakra Reading

I am a pretty private person but when it comes to shadow work I am doing to work on myself I am an open book.

I like to think of my shadow as my friend, it keeps it real and lets me know that I got’s work to do. You won’t see me on the gram confessing my love for my soulmate or showing off my kids (because I respect their privacy) but I am here to share with you my shadow work with my shadow work diaries’ series because I am a shadow worker and #lightworker, so it’s part of my journey. I don’t think I have ever spoken so much and recorded it before; hence it’s sounding quite faint, lol.

In this audio recording I pull a shadow reading, use a well-known chakra spread, explain the archetypes and tell you my next steps

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