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Our shadows contain everything that is considered ugly, bad, shameful, weird, taboo or socially unacceptable.

Our shadows contain the parts of us that have been shunned, denied, rejected or otherwise negatively condemned by our parents, family members, and different pockets of society growing up.

The Benefit of Shadow Work Exercises

You can’t heal what you don’t reveal.

Shadow work is the practice of exploring everything that is buried within you – whether light or dark, positive or negative.

Through the simple (but often confronting) process of introspective journaling, you are taking a vital step
towards living a more harmonious, joyful, whole, and meaningful life.

The benefits of shadow work exercises include:






The downside to repressing parts of ourselves is that this part of ourself begins to fester and amplify, sabotaging our lives.

How do you practice shadow work?

These shadow work prompts will help you to do the wholeness work, which is imperative if you want to finally stop self sabotaging, if you haven’t seen my previous post on how to do shadow work then go check it out because it helps you create the container for real transformation.

What are some good shadow work prompts?

The prompts that are good ones are ones that make you really uncomfortable

The ones you actually explore

The ones you learn to create new stories from

The ones that you give yourself permission to feel

Think about it like this

If you can ask questions that you already “know” the answer to

But you are still living in a misaligned way that goes back into survival mode

10 Shadow Work Questions To Help Integrate Your Wholeness

The following shadow work prompts will help you to regulate your emotions so that once you explore these they will no longer be the albatross around your neck, sabotaging you unconsciously

1. What things have triggered you this week? Consider where those irrational feelings stem from.

2. What don’t you want anyone to know about you? Think about where you may be masking in your life and how much energy you will claim back when you stop

3. How judged do you tend to feel ona daily basis? And if you were to explore these judgements how many of these would be self imposed?

4. Pinpoint something that’s really frustrating/upsetting you at the moment. Now think of your fav comedy and write from that perspective

5. How can you begin to give other people more space and acceptance to be themselves around you?

6. When you think of the people that have hurt you in your life, how has that changed how you show up? Write a letter to yourself claiming back your spotlight

7. Where in your life are you playing small? And what does like look, sound, feel or smell like when you are playing small (what are the indicators, so you can spot it in the future). Answering this question to help with expansion

8. What positive traits do people always say about you? And what do you have trouble accepting about these traits?

9. What causes you to get angry or defensive? And what is the earliest memory that this pattern derives from?

10. Where in your life do you tend to expect other people to agree with your beliefs? (And what is the energy you give off when others don’t agree with you?)

11. What’s the one thing you know you need to do but keep avoiding? Write it down. Then write a step-by-step description of actually doing it. Include every action which would need to be involved in order to get it done. At the end of the exercise, explore how you feel.

Do you want some help to shift even more?

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