I help professionals go from emotional meltdowns to emotional mastery

Ruth-Ellen is a rejection sensitivity dysphoria coach & executive function skills trainer,  with a mission to help  employees to be celebrated not just tolerated.  

Delivered over 300 hours of coaching to employees
Delivered inclusion & belonging training to 1000's of managers
Increased employee engagement by 90% 
And worked with companies like Microsoft, Expedia

This is what Ruth-Ellen helps your audience to achieve when you book her


Awareness of self, others and your environment and how to embrace differences. 


Going beyond awareness and cultivating change through acceptance. 


A combination of proven initiatives that make a difference to the talent pipeline.

an introduction

This is what I sound like

I'm a professional speaker and author. For the last decade, I have spoken internationally about neurodiversity in the workplace.

My talks are always entertaining, engaging, informative and transformative. 

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Who indeed

Who is Ruth-Ellen?

Ruth-Ellen is neurodivergent. A CMI professional consultant in training, coach, trainer plus holistic practitioner.

After being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia in her 30's and then setting up the community dyslexic success she heard the same story again and again... that talented people couldn't find sustainable employment.

Ruth-Ellen now drives awareness, acceptance, and most importantly career advancement for all. She is an international keynote speaker on intersectional inclusion.

I believe that we should be celebrated for our differences, not just tolerated

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen Danquah ADHD & Executive Function Coach

here's what I want you to really take away

Why I am so passionate about RSD

Before anyone acknowledges my neurodiverse traits, they see me as an 'opinionated' sometimes 'quiet' black woman.

 They may later find out I am a single mother of a person 'living with autism' from a southeast London council estate 

Here's my point, my identity is made of many pieces just like the people that you want to help feel accepted for thinking different. 

Too often, people with various identities are seen as just their visible/declared identities instead of being seen as a whole people. 

 This isn't right. We need to see people for who they are, not just the labels that society gives them.

Let's talk about the whole person. Let's acknowledge their neurodiverse traits and also celebrate the other parts of their identity. Only then will we be able to help them feel accepted and understood.


Speaking & Training Topics

How to Engage With  Employees

In this talk, Ruth-Ellen will share with you her process to amplifying engagement among employees, so you can cultivate a high performing intersectional inclusive culture, learn;

● Why engagement is a B.A.D.G.E that is essential and not just a nice to have (backed by research)

● The number one reason why engagement among  employees are at an all-time


● How to use my easy step by step A.C.E. framework to finally engage AKK employees for good

The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap

In this talk, Ruth-Ellen will share with you her end-to-end process to creating inclusive workplace learning;

● Why initiatives like training, coaching and even ERG communities shouldn't be implemented without this one thing

● The way to amplify your inclusion efforts with these 3 quick wins

● How to use my intersectional inclusion roadmap to pinpoint want vital step is missing from your inclusion plan

How To Be Unapologetically Visible: Unmasking

In this talk, Ruth-Ellen will share with you how to 

● Why disclosing has its disadvantages, and why it's not for everyone (yes you read that right)

● The 3 foundational pieces that must be in place when you do disclose 

● How to use my KITS™ process to become unapologetic about being neurodiverse without the stress or anxiety

opposite action workbook


Read what audience members have said about my talks

Many thanks for the session today, absolutely brilliant, Ruth you are a star, a very engaging presenter.

We had 54 attendee’s and NO drop off’s



Resourcing Business Partner

We had a superb workshop with Ruth-Ellen Danquah Really practical session on creating a psychological safe space for everyone. Reminded me to always ask people about how and why they’ve approached something in the way they have, and not just focus on the output. Highly recommend it! Thank you Ruth.

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Health

Ridiculously passionate’ is a phrase that comes to mind when I think about Ruth-Ellen.

I have worked with Ruth-Ellen as a volunteer since 2012. When we first met I was impressed by the way she gathered 80 people for first the dyslexic success event at Google Campus. Since then we have run around 50 events together for a peer to peer network which targets neurodivergent people developing their career.

Ruth-Ellen’s ability to deliver engaging workshops and facilitate events has ensured the network has made a difference to attendees. Frequently she has been able to unpick challenging issues in a way is both inspiring and result in the achievement of positive change. One of Ruth-Ellen’s qualities is that she strives to ensure everyone gains value out of the meetings. Ruth Ellen is a first-class marketing professional and leader. Any business would be lucky to have her on their team

Charles Freeman

Ruth – Ellen has a technique which is unique to other coaching programs that are on the market which makes her number one in her sector, she has a hands-on approach and offers full support throughout her sessions using different techniques to help her clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Ruth -Ellen.

Lisa Street

Recruitment Consultant

Are you ready to give your audience the transformation by helping them to go from information to implementation 

There is a massive gap between knowing and doing, book Ruth-Ellen for your EVENT and go from inclusion information to implementation

Tap into Ruth-Ellen's 9 years of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging  knowledge
Gain practical takeaways for your audience that lead to results
Hear the transformational case studies that have resulted in HR professionals being able to increase inclusion with ease

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