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Discover The Secret of How To Stop The Impact Of Catastrophic Rejection In Less Than 5 Days

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Not experiencing rejection sensitivity dysphoria means being able to receive feedback or criticism without overwhelming emotional responses of shame, anger, or sadness, and handling rejection or failure without it affecting your self-esteem. This allows for a more objective and balanced perspective on criticism and rejection, which can improve personal and professional relationships.

 It's Time To Overcome RSD.

What Makes This Challenge So Great?
[Here's a sneak peak]

Day 1  - How to master your emotions with minimal effort

Day 2 - How to get more positive interactions than you have had ever before with this nifty tool

Day 3 - How to incorporate the 2.0 mindset needed to heal RSD

As a bonus, if you engage for the entire week you'll also receive exclusive access to my Resillience Toolkit, filled with additional resources and tools to help you continue your journey towards becoming a resilient ninja.

Ongoing Support & Guidance Via The Group &  Access to Private Messaging: You’ll Actually Feel Like You've Got Your Own Mentor  With Support In Your Pocket.
You'll Know Exactly How I've Helped Others Power Up Their Resilience Skills 
 Each Task Can Be Done In Just 20 Minutes And I'll Be On Hand To Answer Your Questions Within 24 Hours


Challenge Host, RSD Author & EF Coach

Why Me?

What's up, it's your unapologetically neurodivergent host Ruth-Ellen, and I am ready to spill the tea on why my journey of overcoming Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD) with ADHD which makes me the ultimate ally to help YOU overcome it too!

For years, my RSD and ADHD made it almost impossible for me to form and maintain relationships. I was constantly seeking approval, terrified of rejection, and felt like a total outcast. Not to mention, I lost out on countless opportunities because I was too afraid to go for them.

But I knew I couldn't keep living like that. So I started doing the work. I used evidence-based tools like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and journaling to help me regulate my emotions and build up my resilience.

And let me tell you, it wasn't easy. There were plenty of setbacks and moments where I wanted to give up. But I refused to let my RSD and ADHD hold me back any longer.

Now, as the author of the Rejection Sensitivity Journal for ADHD, I want to help YOU overcome those same struggles. Because I know firsthand how much it can impact your life and your relationships.

With this challenge, you'll have access to the same evidence-based tools that helped me overcome my RSD and ADHD. You'll be able to develop emotional regulation skills, build resilience, and start pursuing the opportunities and relationships you deserve!

So if you're ready to stop letting your fear of rejection destroy your relationships and your life, then join me and the RSD-beating squad today! Let's get to work and start living our best lives!

Hey You...

You've made it this far so you've probably got questions, so I have a few answers. 

Over the last few years I've been on my own journey and running a business while experiencing my expansion has been interesting to say the least

Maybe you're thinking you've got to figure this all out on your own, that you have to set better boundariesm, push through...

The good news is this  challenge is a fantastic way to finally surrender and heal your rejection wounds that have got you hurting your soul  instead of healing you.

My Healing Your Rejection Sensitivity challenge   is for those who are  focused on bringing in more peace, compassion, gratitude and for thise that are done with wearing masks.

This challenge is all about transformation from the information I will share powerful tips over 5 days - so implementation is key in order to get the maximum benefit from the process.

I’ve put in 100% and I expect you to put in 100% too.

Don't let another day go by letting rejection rob you of your full beautiful life, finally access peace in a way your brain appreciates.

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