Ultimate Magical Morning Routine

Welcome TO The Ultimate Magical Morning Course 

The Ultimate Magical Morning Routine is a simple 7-day process:

Day 1: Learning How To Make A Commitment To Yourself
Day 2: Discover how to find Your Purpose
Day 3: Aligning Your Purpose with Intention
Day 4: Reprogramming Your Subconscious with Your Intention 
Day 5: Supercharging Your Purpose With Intention
Day 6: Balancing Your Energy 
Day 7: Experiencing More Flow

It sounds so simple, yet the power can be unfathomable.
The only way to truly understand it is to experience it for yourself by following the daily magic of the Ultimate magical morning routine.

At the end of these 7 day's you will improve your focus and raised your vibration with ease and start to clear some of the social conditioning  that may have shaped your experiences, thoughts and beliefs today

Preparation and What You Will Need

You have:

  • Your journal or notebook with a few dozen lined sheets of paper.
  •  A pen that is comfortable to write with and won’t run out of ink (not a pencil your words need a solid commitment and cannot be erased).
  •  20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time each day 
  •  A commitment to doing this process 7 consecutive days in a row.
  •  A place to sit comfortably.
  •  A glass of water or tea
  •  A sacred space to place your journal once you’re done.
Lesson 1 MMR

Lesson 1 MMR

At the end of this day you will you will get into agreement and take steps to clear your space of any energy that doesn't serve you in 30 seconds or less.

Course Objectives

Learn how to to use the law of attraction for rapid changes within the first 30 minutes of your day
Learn on what your passion and purpose is once and for all so you have greater discipline
Take aligned action with powerful law of attraction rituals to help you be a powerful manifestor 

Your Course Instructor

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

I believe in a world where labels are for jars and not for people, that you should be celebrated not just tolerated. 

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