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Are You Ready To Be Visible & Paid Without Faking It To You Make It?

Then this is the most important page you will ever read,  please read it in full, because I am going to show you how to  break those contracts, vows and agreements that have you wearing a mask and pushing so hard that you are knocking at burn out doors!

It is time to finally run your business as the world changing visible women you are without the anxiety, stress or overwhelm so you can get your high ticket clients with ease.

You're exhausted emotionally, physically and energetically!

As a world-changing womxn who is purpose driven, you have goals to achieve but you have more than likely gone beyond that feeling of exhaustion. 

But it seems exhaustion is your normal because you have a transformational set of skills that the world needs and you're determined to share it by being visible, but at times you feel you just need a pause button... I'm here with an divine message: There is an easier way to get your message out there while still getting paid!!!

So Why Does It Feel So Damn Hard Being Visible?

Maybe it's because you think...

I am not doing enough

But thruth of the matter you worry about your business more than you take action on the things that matter, you even think about your business even when you are with your loved ones

You're unable to be present because you are preoccupied with thoughts of your business which causes anxiety, so you take a break

Truth is taking a break won't cut it, because you take breaks but you get tired. The problem isn't the breaks, the harsh fact is, it's you. The mental and physical exhaustion of what you are doing is driving your cynicism, anxiety and detachment from others. If you keep going in this direction you won't be able to enjoy the money you earn let alone have anyone around you left

Busy is a badge of honour I don't know how to let go of

Being busy has become your badge of honour, as if it makes you feel more worthy. If you hustle and grind without dealing with what is going on underneath, you will actually come to a place of burnout, but not before you age at an exponential rate (research has proven it) #youlookolder 

My stress helps me to be productive

You're doing a lot and even though you are a high achiever you could actually be achieving a whole lot more results. With all that pushing and burning out you are literally doing more harm to yourself than good to yourself and business. You are not as effective as you think you are, something needs to change if you want to see results minus the burnout.  


Hey, I am Ruth-Ellen & I want to share a few chapters of my storybook 

I am a once shy now can't get me off the stage public speaker & former burlesque dancer

I used to fade into the background because that is where others were comfortable having me. Then I started to dance, I danced in front of 70 strangers for burlesque #liberating, taken boxing, yoga, Salsa, Improv, hiking, travelled alone internationally. I have run 6km without training and won public speaking competitions to name a few and I make sure I bring that energy wherever I go

I am a energy healer & coach 

I help spiritual business owners to eliminate blocks and any energetic resistance to success so they can show up as the badass women that they were born to be and finally attract their soulmate clients with ease

I am a strategist but I also unapologetically love my spiritual tools

I have worked in sales and have generated over £120m in new business in just 2 years. I have trained leaders in FTSE 100 companies. I am certified in Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Reiki Master, NLP & currently completing my DBT certifications

I own time, time doesn't own me

I have studied business studies, I am accredited in training, business, high performance & life coaching as well as various energy healing modalities. I know how important having the time to develop yourself and business is and you can learn my approach so you claim back your soul fragments and power.

So here's a taste of what happens when you start to master your visibility 

I call it Your V3 self...

Your V3 Self...

Doesn't get stressed, anxious or enraged by being visible.  You are actually so aware that you're shifting your  energy has shifted that you shift right back to the vibrational set point that allows you stay aligned 

Your V3 Self...

Doesn't need to do all the things,  because your highest self trusts yourself so much that those doubt bunnies poof away because you are more than aware just how much of a powerful creator you are and where to focus your attention!

Your V3 Self...

Doesn't make decisions based on lack which you regret later but instead your decisions are made from a place of peace and you make right decisions for you EVERYTIME!

Your V3 Self...

Doesn't make decisions based on lack which you regret later but instead your decisions are made from a place of peace and you make right decisions for you EVERYTIME!

welcome to unapologetically visible

Week 1-2

Being Seen Without The Anxiety

Session to help you heal your wounds of being seen using powerful neurolinguistic language programming
Access my powerful hypnosis made to help you to reprogram your subconcious once and for all, never self sabotage again!
Discover my anxiety busting toolkit that will help you to reduce any flareups and be fully grounded so you embody your visibility Queen unapologetically
Access my powerful speaker training (with over 7 years of expertise as a speaker, trainer & mentor) and start to show up on camera with confidence!

Week 3-4

F*ck You Pay Me Visibility Plan

I will teach you how to pinpoint your genius within and channel this to create your powerful signature program
Discover the 11 key things you need to create an irresistible offer that sells with my step by step training
Discover how to unlock your authenticity codes and insert this pivotal piece into your visibility plan so that you start to show up in a way that makes you unstoppable & unapologetic

Week 5-6

Growing Your Own Audience

Discover how to get contracts with Microsoft, Financial Times etc using my simple A.C.T system
Discover how I leverage the power of groups to fill my group with 300 women in 48 hours

Here's What You Get...

Weekly coaching  so that you can show up unapologetically visible with ease, avoid burnout and have all the energy you need to call in magnetised clients while enjoying all elements of your business.
Weekly improv sessions so you can battle test your content ideas using my powerful feedback loop scientifically proven to help you stay intrinsically motivated and disciplined.
Weekly  integration work so that you embody your authentic self and no longer go through the doubt dance that stops you from showing up in your power

You'll Receive £3443 Worth Of Bonuses I Will Give You The Deets In A Second...


let's talk about your bonuses

Exclusive 2021 Irresistible Offer Done With You Training -Worth £1777


Pinpoint exactly what to tweak in your offers so you finally present offers that filter out people who can't afford it and get pre-sold leads on the call who are willing to invest £2k-£10k. This isn't just questions to answer we will spend time creating a hot irresisitible offer that your ideal clients can't resist.

4 Days Of Being Visible AF - Worth £555


Powerful two hour session designed to help you create a 4 day series so that you can transform cold audience into a warm audience that are ready to take the step & pay to access you on a deeper level

30 Days of Permission To Get Triggered -Worth £1111


Let's keep it real, trusting this process is going to give you the results you desire, that your decisions are moving you towards a life where you thrive, takes a lot of tenacity. I hereby give you permission to fucking get triggered, you voxer access over the next 30 days to have a coach in your pocket. Triggers are essential for your success because when you clear your blocks you become a match to what you want. Your success is in  your triggers!


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Where you instantly become unapologetically visible

10 Payments of 300

Lifetime Access to 6 Weeks of Unapologetically Visible Modules
Weekly online practice sessions to battle test your content
4 Days Of Being Visible AF content plan
7 days of permission to get triggered


Where you instantly become unapologetically visible

Paid In Full

Lifettime Access to 6 Weeks of Unapologetically Visible Modules
Weekly online practice sessions to battle test your content
4 Days of Being Visible AF content plan
30 days of permission to get triggered

Who Is This Program Guranteed To Work For?

Yes guaranteed to work or your money back

This is for you if...

You Can Say YES YES YES!

Being Authentically Visible & Paid Is Your #1 Challenge
You're Ready To Show Up In a Way That Aligns With You
Tired Of Being The Wolrd's Best Keep Secret
You Identify As A Spiritual Womxn

This is not for you if...

You Identify With All These Things

You want to create cookie cutter content 
You're not ready own your space unapologetically
You're too available for all the things
You are not ready to take aligned action 

100% Risk FREE Guarantee

If within the first 14 days you implement and don't see an increase in your visibility or a change in your income I will give you your money back

what happens are you join?

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