If you find yourself pushing hard to being seen, heard and to stand out amongst the noise then this is probably manifesting as a visibility wound which is stopping you from speaking your truth & sharing your authentic self as well as showing up with consistent high vibe energy, there are many reasons for this and this reading will help you to uncover what exactly you need to do

How The Session Works

I channel my energy from Universal Life Force and pull some cards, we dig deeper into the subconscious issue and we go through a mini energy heal session. With your permission I then advise your next steps and you can either work on healing this yourself or we can start your 1st session. Your first session includes going through my unique healing modality which includes clearing your energy on the 7th plan where instant healing is available for you.

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How To Book

Choose the date and time which works for you below, pay £297 via paypal and then you will be sent a confirmation so we meet online via Zoom with a follow up session for the final integration work.

I believe everyone should be celebrated, not just tolerated, so I help to build inclusive workplaces.

Tel: 0800 832 1453
Mail: ruth@ruth-ellen.com

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