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discover the common mistakes spiritual female coaches are making with their visibility that is stopping them from SHOWING UP POWERFUL & having a profitable coaching business

Get Fully Booked With Coaching Clients Without Burning Out Or Being On Social Media All Day

Are you on social media all day long and yet find yourself still scraping around for clients while rolling your income goals month after month, using a marketing tactics that frustrate you and bring you little to no result? I see you, that's why you need to watch this!

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Your Facilitator

Here's what you'll learn:

The 4 huge mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to your visibility - and what to do instead to be more magnetising to your soulmate clients
Learn the EXACT system that will help you to show up POWERFULLY without being on social media all day that has resulted in me doing less work and gaining more clients, without using ads
Stay until the end and grab your Visibility On Fire Strategy call (worth £297) so that you have a game plan to show up unapologeticallly and get paid!

This Masterclass is for you if:

Amplifying your visibility is your number 1 priority and you are no longer available to the energy highs and lows that comes with feeling rejected as a biz owner 
Have trouble getting a positive ROI from your organic visibility efforts and are done with the hustle and grind of it all
Want to take your online marketing LESS seriously and spend less time online because let's face it, you came to coach not be a marketer!

Here's What Others Are Saying About Ruth-Ellen

Lisa Street

CEO, 1st Street

" Ruth–Ellen has a technique which is unique to other coaching programs that are on the market which makes her number one in her sector, she has a hands-on approach and offers full support throughout her sessions using different techniques to help her clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend Ruth -Ellen."

Afriyei Owusu

CEO, Afiyei Wealth

" Recently I have been heavy-weighted with debilitating emotions that left me feeling stuck and frazzled. Ruth Ellen comes along with her light and insight and by the end of our session I began to experience a noticeable shift in energy that I had been plagued with for some time. I could notice the difference in my temperament. 
She has a gifted way of tapping into those areas that are hidden and need deciphering with interpretation that us ordinary folk lack. Her methods are thorough and unique where she seems to quite accurately recount segments in your life that need plugging into. My time with Ruth-Ellen was an excellent start to my day and I am forever grateful. "

About Ruth-Ellen

Ruth-Ellen has spent over 20 years in business development working in business to business selling over £120m in sales. I started to notice a pattern where I was having to qualify people over the phone, I wasted so much time with prospects that had no interest in our product and even though I generated millions, I could have generated more if I just had a better system.

 She now coaches business women who want to unapologetically show up on their terms, so that they can have more income, influence and make more of an impact without sacrificing their mental health or being on social media all day long!

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