Want to Get More Sales? Have an Unshakeable Plan

I can’t tell emphasise enough how important a plan is.

I am not talking about a plan that Murdock from the A-Team made in a warehouse, that is way too calculated and between you and me it was really unrealistic ?

I am talking about a simple, no fuss plan that helps you to get stuff done! To be exact this has to be an unshakeable plan (no snow globe shakedowns phase this plan).

1.  You don’t have a plan b because plan A is the only thing that matters

2. You remain firm in your beliefs that you’re helping people and not offering your service to them is the same as leaving someone to drown when you can easily help them

3. You have made your DUMB goal  so you can set and achieve any goal easily

4. You are following a daily habit consistently to make this happen, because you want this bad

I just need you to remember whatever goal you ‘re aiming for right now will be achieved.

You just have to stay focused on your dream, your why!

Why do you want this so bad? Why do you need this to happen?

Why do you deserve this?

Your dream, the big why has to be all over your plan.

Because that dream motivates you when your vibration is low, it helps you to stay high.  You’ve got this!

Here’s to staying confident consistently ✊


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