Healing Light Meditation

Are you the type of woman who wants to uplevel their visibility with ease?

I know how easy it is to consume free information that doesn’t move the needle of your business forward, lucky for you I only deliver value, so let me cut to the chase so you can move forward…

I got frustrated when I came to the online space, I humbled myself and tried to learn from all these experts. Because I didn’t want to be one of those people that said I know this already…So I invested thousand of pounds in courses, coaching and training and was none the wiser, I was pissed because I felt I went backwards instead of forwards.

I was pissed because I picked up limited thought patterns from these experts.
Patterns that attached to me like… you have to be everywhere to be seen, you have to be an extroverted person for people to listen to you, you have to basically burn the F out to show the world you want it…no thanks that is a hard pass.

OMG!!!! My inner child was screaming at me, she kept on telling me the truth of who I was, but instead of listening to that powerful purposeful child, I listened to others who told me who I was not.

Those experts I had spent my coins with made assumptions of who I was because they were taking collective limiting conscious thoughts that were not mine and diagnosing me then prescribing me with medicine that had adverse effects that included doubt, overwhelm and I ended up giving all the fucks

I was taking on beliefs that didn’t serve me, what I needed to do was focus on implementation…

But before I could implement, I had to unlearn, remember who the fuck I was and unpack shit that wasn’t mine, shit that I took on as my truth that was keeping me in analysis paralysis!

I finally stopped the busy bus of information overload, overwhelm and over complication.

Instead I got under the hood of why I wasn’t taking action on the right things instead of collecting more information.

It all started with doing work on my inner child, my chimp paradox, my mindset and connecting with my highest wisdom.

Because my ego had been bruised from buyers remorse, implementing other people’s steps and still not getting results. Years of rejection, working with the wrong people,  getting frustrated,  taking on other people’s energy, had me settling instead of up-levelling.  

I decided to work with my mindset & heart to up-level instead of settle.

Upleveling showed up as taking time out to identify my core values, what I believed in instead of what I had been taught to believe by institutions, experts, friends and family. 

Uplevelling took me to a place where I detached from blaming myself for my failure to complete what I started, for the courses & coaching I bought, all the freebies I consumed and instead I forgave myself for the part I played and anyone else that unintentionally reprogrammed my mind with utter bullshit

Upleveling showed me how to love my own company, understand that I love being part of a pact that I can dip in and out when I please, cultivate my intuition, create experiences with the people that mattered the most to me and show up on my terms, to truly connect with others. 

All this uplevelling initially freaked me out because it wasn’t all pixies and fairydust, it was scary, but worth it, because ultimately I received inner peace, peace with the world. 

When you start to play bigger than you’ve ever played before, when you start to feel your power, you’re going to get freaked out.

This is new territory and your self-limiting beliefs want you to go back to how things used to be; it’s “safer” there, your inner critic can control you there. Because of this, you’ll have moments where you fall back into old, often toxic, habits: people, food, alcohol, work- whatever your poison. You’ll distract yourself and get off track (*hands up if Netflix if your distractor).  You will feel relieved that you don’t have to put yourself out there anymore; growth is draining and extremely vulnerable. Why put yourself through it?

The great news is this feeling is temporary.

 When you up level to your next level, it is not about the information, it’s about the implementation, because you become Unapologetic!


Here is what you will get access to…

  • Keep levelling up prompts to go from information to implementation

These prompts to empower you to stand in your power  and share YOUR expertise even if you get anxious on a regular basis. As an energy healer my job is to release you from emotional captivity using the tools that the universe have given me like Hypnosis, EFT, Reiki, NLP, DBT etc.

  • Being More You By Remembering Who You Are

Heart-centered ‘hot seat’ coaching so you can reframe those limited beliefs that rob you of your time, energy & money and so you have the freedom you desire to create a courageous business that speak to your soulmate clients! This is not where I tell you what to do, or fix you, this is where I equip you! Training makes you good, coaching makes you great.

  • A Visibility Strategy That Aligns With YOU!

It’s time to co-create using your intution, without being a hustler,  even if you’ve been pushing down your inner child’s voice for a while

Imagine how your life will change when you start doing what you want to do instead of doing what you “should” be doing?

Imagine actually achieving your business vision, all your goals because you have limitless energy (plus left over energy) all day, every day because your purpose fuels you instead of drains you?

What would it feel like to connect with people that know they need your help, so you serve from your highest self instead of trying to convince people that are not for you?

Unapologetic Visibility Academy is for you if you want to :

  • Work in flow rather instead against it in the private Facebook community you access support from fellow unapologetic ascenders, it’s time to co-create using energetic living, without being a hustler,  even if you’ve been pushing down your inner child’s voice for a while. [ALL ACCESS ONLY]
  • Receive monthly live activations in a sacred healing circle so that you’re empowered on the path of unapologetic visibility, love & truth, say goodbye to old vows that have you playing small. [ ALL ACCESS & BASIC]
  • Use the tools that the Universe channels through me and access the monthly healing in your secure membership area.[ ALL ACCESS & BASIC ]
  • Tap into monthly group mastermind so you can reframe those limited beliefs that rob you of your time, energy & money and instead have the freedom you desire to stand in your world changing power! This is not where I tell you what to do, or fix you, this is where I equip you! Training makes you good, coaching makes you great, this academy will make you extraordinary. [VIP ALL ACCESS ONLY]