It’s that constant inner voice that tells you that can’t,  laughs at you for trying and then like a playground bully with issues bigger than vogue does it all over again ?


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Do you often fight against yourself before you take the leap to do something? It is like playing basketball against yourself like these really cute Racoons ??? sidenote: I like Racoons

Our own inside enemy doesn’t show up that cute. They are instead masked in doubt, fear of failure and procrastination. If there is no enemy inside then there is no enemy outside that can do us harm – Les Brown




So how do we overcome our inner enemies, well we can conquer them ? #storytime

It is like the story of David & Goliath. By all odds, David was small in comparison to Goliath who was often described as being built as big as a house.

However… Goliath couldn’t see very well – Specsavers wasn’t available back in the day ?

Goliath wasn’t powerful – he took his perception of what people thought he could do for granted, he never trained, he never took the time to up his game.

David was deadly – he didn’t just rock next to Goliath with a sling he never used, he honed his craft years before.

David knew an opportunity was coming one day so he prepared for it, no matter how awkward he looked. ?

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So how do you know it is  your inner enemy talking and how do you beat it:

  • Action overcomes doubt!
  • Compassion overcomes anger!
  • Positive self-talk overcomes negative self-talk

What about if you feel awkward still? What makes you feel “awkward” in one season makes you powerful in the next! ✊✌️ Whether you are fighting Racoons or Goliaths, remember If there is no enemy inside then there is no enemy outside that can do you harm!

Every story teaches us a lesson, gives us insight about ourselves. Which gives us the choice to use that information to reduce frustration and alleviate our expectations about life.

Here’s to staying confident consistently ✊

Ruth-Ellen ? – Your Imperfect Action Strategist

P.S. Live Your Bliss is my 12-week coaching program to help you get the sales numbers you want with the focus you need, so you can overcome Goliaths, Racoons or anything else that is in your way. I Want To Live In My Bliss

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