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Are You Mastering the Art of Masking Your True Identity Across Different Facets of Life? Ready to Unveil the Authentic You, Without the Exhausting Charade of "Faking It Until You Make It"?

You've stumbled upon a pivotal moment in your journey – a passage that could redefine the essence of your being. I urge you to engage with every word on this page, for I'm set to navigate you through the process of dismantling those invisible contracts, pledges, and bonds compelling you to don a mask, pushing you into an intimate dance with burnout.

The time has arrived to orchestrate your life as the influential INDIVIDUAL you are, minus the shadows of anxiety, stress, or overwhelm, allowing you to embrace existence on your terms, boldly and without apology. Join me as we step into a realm where your true self is not just recognized but celebrated, a world where masking is no longer a survival strategy but a choice you're free to make.

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Let me take a wild guess about your current state of affairs: you're running on empty, aren't you? Emotionally drained, physically spent, and your energy tank is blinking red for urgent refueling.

As someone who's determined to leave a mark on the world, your ambition and drive are unparalleled. You've set your sights on lofty goals, pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion – and sometimes, it feels like you've sprinted past that brink a while ago.

But here's the twist: you've normalized this breathless state of fatigue because, well, you're equipped with a groundbreaking toolkit of skills. Despite your remarkable ability to effect change, there are moments when you find yourself desperately wishing for a 'pause' button.

So, consider this a gentle nudge, a timely reminder from the universe (or at least from me): There's a more sustainable path to making a difference, one that doesn't involve relentlessly burning the candle at both ends. Believe it or not, making an impact doesn't require sacrificing your well-being on the altar of your ambitions. Let's explore how you can achieve your goals while keeping your inner flame burning bright, not burnt out.

So Why Does It Feel So Damn Hard Being You?

Oh, darling, let's debunk some myths about why it feels like an Olympic sport to simply be your unapologetic, genuine self, shall we? The world’s been feeding us tales longer than Rapunzel’s hair, and it’s time to cut it all off and let your true self fly free. But why does it feel like you're trying to climb Everest in flip-flops? Maybe it's because you think...

Authenticity is just about being yourself... but who am I again?"

Oh, honey, if I had a dime for every time I heard this, I’d be typing this from my villa in the Maldives. You’ve been switching masks faster than a chameleon on a disco dance floor, and now you’re wondering which one is actually you. Spoiler alert: It’s not about the mask you wear to the masquerade ball of life. Authenticity isn’t just about being raw and real; it's about knowing your deepest needs, desires, and owning your story – even the chapters you don’t want read out loud. It's about embracing every quirk, flaw, and fabulous aspect of yourself, especially the parts that have been left on 'read' for way too long. So, let's get real about getting real. It's time to accept all of you, from your dazzling strengths to your darkest fears, because, darling, that’s where the magic happens.

Busy is a badge of honour I wear with pride... until it wears me out.

Oh, look at you, Busy Bee, buzzing from one task to another, wearing 'busy' like it’s the new black. But let me tell you, honey, the only thing you’re earning is a one-way ticket to Burnout City, and guess what? The aging process in Burnout City is faster than a season of The Bachelor (and just as dramatic). Research shows that non-stop hustling without tending to your inner garden leads to burnout and, yes, it makes you look older (#NotAGoodLook). Being busy isn’t a badge of honour; it’s a cry for help. It's time to put down the hustle juice, take a deep breath, and learn to find worth in stillness and reflection. Trust me, your skin and your sanity will thank you.

My stress is like a productivity steroid... until it’s not.

Oh, sweet one, thinking stress is your secret weapon in the rat race of life. Let me drop a truth bomb: While you think you’re slaying the game, stress is actually playing you. It’s like having a gremlin in your productivity engine (not the gizmo king) – sure, it might seem like it's helping you zoom ahead, but it's actually gnawing away at your insides and setting you up for a spectacular breakdown. High achiever, I see you, but your relentless push through stress is like trying to run a marathon with weights tied to your feet. It's not about doing more until you drop; it's about doing it smarter and with ease. Want real results without the burnout? It’s time to kick stress to the curb and find a way to be productive that doesn’t involve self-sabotage. Because, darling, you’re not as effective as you think under stress; you’re just more frazzled.  

Why Trust Me as Your Guide to Authenticity?

Hello, I'm Ruth-Ellen, and I'd love to open a few pages of my journey to you.

As a Black woman, mother to two incredible adults with additional needs, a neurodivergent individual, and having navigated the waters of divorce, my life's narrative is rich with experiences that have shaped my approach to healing, coaching, and empowerment.

Here’s what my journey has taught me:

  1. Active Learning Over Passive Consumption: The real magic happens when you're actively engaged in your growth. Ambiguity and uninspired personal development can leave you feeling stuck. It's about embracing the process, even when it's messy.

  2. The Cornerstone of Mental Fitness: In a world where certainty is a luxury, mental resilience is your greatest ally. It's not just about surviving; it's about thriving amidst the unpredictability.

  3. Tailored Strategies for Neurominorities: The intersectionality of being neurodivergent and life’s challenges demands a nuanced approach. High-level, results-focused coaching, complemented by rigorous training and meticulous tracking, ensures tangible outcomes.

Beyond my personal narrative, my professional accolades speak volumes:

  • As a high-achieving professional, I've spearheaded sales initiatives, generating over £120 million in new business within just two years.
  • I've facilitated growth and leadership within FTSE 100 companies, sharing insights that drive transformation.
  • My toolbox is extensive, accredited in various disciplines including Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Reiki, NLP, and DBT, equipping me with a holistic approach to coaching and healing.

Yet, my path wasn't devoid of challenges. There were times when the colour of my skin, my stature, and other external factors led to frustration and reactivity, rather than empowered responses. However, through thousands of hours of delivery and observation, I recognised patterns in my clients and myself—a profound need for safety in authenticity and visibility mastery.

Join me, and together, let's navigate the complexities of your unique story, transforming challenges into stepping stones towards your most authentic self.

Embark on the Journey to Your V3 Self: The Essence of Mastered Authenticity

Introducing Your V3 Self...

Your V3 Self...

A version of you that doesn’t succumb to stress, anxiety, or frustration simply for being your true self. Imagine recognising when you're playing it too safe, and instead, tenderly guiding your inner child to fully embrace their entire essence.

Your V3 Self...

Isn't overwhelmed by the need to do everything. Envisage a profound trust in your abilities so unshakeable that any doubts simply evaporate.

Your V3 Self...

Makes decisions not from a moment of fleeting irritation but from a place of calm and centred peace. Picture making choices that deeply align with your core, ensuring you make the right decisions for yourself—consistently and confidently.

This journey is about more than transformation; it's about ascending to a version of you where authenticity isn’t just practiced but is lived with every breath, every decision, and every step forward.

Welcome to "Unapologetically Visible" - Your 90-Day Transformation

Month 1: Rediscovering Your Essence

Dive into our group training sessions designed to unveil the subconscious beliefs that tether you. Leveraging cutting-edge science and psychology, we'll uncover the roots of your self-worth and self-esteem challenges. Experience our breakthrough process in group coaching to dismantle those limiting beliefs, ensuring self-sabotage is a tale of your past.

Month 2: Claiming Your Aspirations

Gain exclusive access to my transformative goal-setting framework, crafting aspirations that resonate deeply and compel you to chase them with zeal. Through our focused group coaching, you'll learn to take steps that are not just aligned, but truly authentic, propelling you toward your dreams.

Month 3: Voicing Your Needs

Gain exclusive access to my transformative goal-setting framework, crafting aspirations that resonate deeply and compel you to chase them with zeal. Through our focused group coaching, you'll learn to take steps that are not just aligned, but truly authentic, propelling you toward your dreams.

Here's What You AchieveWhen You Join My 90 Container...

Deep Emotional Processing: Learn how to navigate your emotions, turning overwhelming feelings into insights and growth.
Self-Validation Techniques: Discover the art of affirming your worth, silencing the inner critic, and stepping into your power.
Daily Hypnosis & Meditation: Integrate mindfulness into your routine effortlessly, enhancing emotional regulation and focus.
Actionable Mini Steps: Break down your journey into achievable actions, making progress feel light and rewarding.

THE KITS Process

Four simple yet powerfully profound stages that elevate your intention and tap into your power. This 90-day process closes the gap between who you are and who you’d have to become to intentionally create the goals and life you want

You no longer have to feel like you have to figure out all the things and finally stop spinning your wheels 

You'll Receive £1,155 Worth Of Bonuses I Will Give You The Deets In A Second...


let's talk about your bonuses

The Visible AF Meditation - Worth £144


Powerful meditation designed to help you to reprogram how you see yourself so you no longer sabotage your goals.

Permission To Get Triggered Coaching -Worth £1,111


Let's keep it real, trusting this process is going to give you the results you desire, that your decisions are moving you towards a life where you thrive, takes a lot of tenacity. And over the years you've used a lot of tenacity just to survive. I hereby give you permission to get triggered, you will have access over the next 90 days which is like having a coach in your pocket. Triggers are essential for your success because when reveal you can heal and clearing your blocks helps you to become a match to what you want. Your success is in  your triggers!


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Access to  Unapologetically Visible intimate community [only than 7 peeps allowed]
Fortnightly online live practice sessions to battle test your new learnt skills
The Visible AF meditation
3 days of permission to get triggered coaching (over 90 days)
Private FB group filled with like minded neurodivergent goal getters!


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Access to Unapologetically Visible intimate community [less than 7 peeps allowed]
Fortnightly online live practice sessions to battle test your new learnt skills
The Visible AF meditation
20 days of permission to get triggered coaching
Private FB group filled with like minded neurodivergent goal getters!

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You're waving goodbye to the facade and making authenticity your mission.
You're all in, committed to the process with 100% effort, leaving half-hearted attempts behind.
You're ready to shed the labels that have defined you and claim your space in the world, unapologetically and boldly.

This is not for you if...

You Identify With All These Things

You're chasing a quick fix without confronting the reality of your situation.
Your energy is scattered, trying to be everything to everyone.
You're not prepared to take actions that resonate deeply with your true self.

If within the first 14 days you implement and don't see an increase in your self worth I will give you your money back

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