Diversity Training

Stop Booking Ineffective Diversity Training

Training is not performance

Can we ALL agree that one off initiatives won’t change a lifetime of conscious or unconscious biases?

Ineffective Diversity Training is on that list

Then why is it I have had more conversations this year with companies that believe training = change.

There is no transformation from information without implementation.

The bottom line is training needs to be strategically implemented further through practice.

And many times companies don’t have training problem they have a cultural issue.

And one-off training only puts a plaster over the gaping hole over systematic discrimination never work, in fact it is a waste of money

Training needs a strategy

So, what do you do before you book that diversity training?

1. Assess your current diversity foundations!

I have had to give people a good seeing to (verbally) who have tried to convince me that top down approach to diversity initiatives work

It doesn’t

It leaves people screaming into the abyss

Frustrated that they again aren’t seen, heard or valued

It leaves people taking part in initiatives that don’t actually help because they aren’t delivered at the right time, in the right way

It leaves people not even completing the initiatives because the head doesn’t know what the feet are doing

Imagine Caitlin who finally discloses

She finally receives her workplace strategy coaching sessions

But not before a lot of back and forth as to whether she needs everything recommended in the workplace report

After finally agreeing to the recommendations and scrutinising every element of the report

Discussing it with other managers

Then this same manager says you have 6 weeks to turn everything around

Now there is no transformation without implementation from information

Yet Caitlin’s manager says

I will not give you time to implement

But I want you to perform better

After one session

Be grateful to the support I am giving you says the boss

After all you should be “fixed” now

Implementing training without looking at the reality means a waste of resources

Caitlin leaves

Finds an intersectional inclusive company

And Caitlin’s boss just cost the company it’s reputation, resources and revenue

There is no win-win here

And there was a better way

If Caitlin’s company had an end to end plan which helped Caitlin to advance in her career following the disclosure then it would have been a different story.

2. Assimilate the data into meaningful action

When throw your budget into initiatives that don’t have clear return on investments

This is the sure way to say “it doesn’t work”

A sure way to look back at the 12 months not having a clue what to do next

The thing that has you bouncing around provider to provider

Trying to find a magic pill

Magic pills like training

Magic pills like coaching

Magic pills like surveys

Don’t assume it is a training issue

Use the data

And no I am not talking about just surveys

Assumptions are costly

The difference between using data and making assumptions can mean turnover, absenteeism numbers declining or excelling

Once you have the data you can understand the neurodiversity gap factors and start to build strong bridges to close it

3. Advance your diversity training efforts

This is the game of equity, diversity and inclusion

Advancement is really understanding you have the basics foundational pieces fit in the previous steps

Now it’s time to implement impactful initiatives

But wait…

Make sure you have the right team

Make sure you have the right tools to monitor, maintain and accelerate your efforts

Assess, assimilate and advance and become a truly Inclusive company where your people are celebrated not just tolerated and have the equity to be high performers and grow your business.

The above is the 3 stages I take my clients through in The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™, which helps HR professionals to double their employee performance in 90 days without wasting money on ineffective initiatives, so they can have profitable high performing neuro-inclusive workplaces.

Your first step Watch The Intersectional Inclusion Roadmap™ Training

We believe neurodivergents should be celebrated, not just tolerated, so we help to build neuro-inclusive workplaces.

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